How To Make A Mayan Temple Model

El Castillo Mayan Temple, used as inspiration for our Mayan Temple model

How to make a Mayan Temple – homework help from Family Makes! I know, it can seem frustrating and kind of odd that teachers insist on sending this type of project home – make a model of ‘insert historic monument or artefact here‘! Frustration/desperation aside though, it does make sense really. It reinforces their learning […]

Snapped Up Linky April-May

Snapped Up Linky for shopping hauls

Welcome to the monthly #SnappedUp linky for April-May! If you love shopping – and snapping up bargains (and you’ve blogged or vlogged about your latest buy) the #SnappedUp Linky is for you! We’ve joined forces with Home and Horizon to bring you a fantastic monthly linky which celebrates all your best shopping buys; from thrifty finds […]