Splat!! An Afternoon of Games and Mess…

OK, this isn’t what you expected from a post about ‘Gaming’, but here’s the story:

A dreaded bug had swept through our house, rendering H and Daddy asunder. H spent two days in bed (this is so unlike him, nothing usually keeps him still), and Daddy blacked out in the garden and hit his head off the wall! Oh dear, it was a disastrous week. Now Mummy’s back is so poorly as she’s had to be nurse to the sick, as well as all the usual stuff.

Then Uncle G came to take Toby for the day to give us a break, and his car nearly set on fire on our drive! There was so much smoke we didn’t know what to do! Fun and games indeed.

So, to calm things down a bit and aid our respective recoveries, we decided to have an afternoon of playing games, only the game of choice happened to be ‘Splat!’, a pie in the face game. Well, it raised a laugh, that’s for sure, so I decided to film it to share the fun with you. (Look at the dark circles under Hugo’s eyes – he might sound better but he’s still not fully recovered here, bless him).

This is a cheaper version of the original game, but just as much fun. Maybe I should have done the movie in black and white to add to the old fashioned movie type slapstick feel – what do you think?

It never gets old, does it, the hilarity of a pie in the face? I giggle every time I watch it! Am I just cruel?

Whipped cream splat in the face - it never gets old!
Whipped cream splat in the face – it never gets old!

We then moved on to a more sedate game of good old fashioned Monopoly, but it didn’t last that long. H is very competitive and plays very seriously, but Toby is easily bored and a bit of a sore loser, so before long it got a bit too silly and we had to put it away.

A very serious game of Monopoly
A very serious game of Monopoly

Time for Mummy to give in and let them switch the X-box on….

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13 Replies to “Splat!! An Afternoon of Games and Mess…”

  1. Carianne Woodward says: Reply

    Brilliant! Hugo’s face, when it’s his go, is so funny. Looks loads of fun. Sounds like you needed the break afterwards though. Hope everyone is feeling better xx

  2. Familymakes says: Reply

    Thanks Carianne, we’re getting there!

  3. Great video, love the slow mo laughing, made me chuckle! I hope you’re all feeling better sounds like you had a crazy week x #bestandworst

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Thank you Jaylan, we’re improving now! Good excuse for a game or two though!

  4. Hope you are all feeling better! My friend has just bought this game to play while we are on holiday, I can hardly wait ha! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      You’ll love it Helen, it was messy but hilarious. Have a great holiday.

  5. We played this on Boxing Day and you’re right – it’s so much fun! Esp when the grown ups get involved x

    1. I wasn’t that brave, Samantha, I left it to the little ones!

  6. Big fun! What a brilliant game, and lovely to see such happy faces. Warm wishes from Petite Words, hope you’re family is feeling better. #bloggerclubuk

    1. Thank you, they are all fit and well again now I’m always falling apart, but we get used to that 😉

  7. Cute game. I have never seen anything like it, except when I was a kid my sister and cousin did a speech for 4-H on comedy and at the end my sister put a pie in his face. Your boys are a couple of comedians.

  8. Oh I love a good games afternoon. We have played a friends Pieface and the boys loved it but I did find it a bit expensive. Good to know there’s a cheaper version. I’ll have to add it to the birthday list. TY for linking up to #FamilyFun

  9. The Splat game looks like so much fun. Hope you’re all feeling better now.

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