Look Inside – What’s in a Hudl Tablet

Look Inside a broken Hudl Android Tablet

I gave the boys permission to break open Toby’s old Hudl Android tablet which no longer worked, to see what it looked like inside.

They have had lots of fun deconstructing this tablet computer and trying to work out what all the parts are, or just seeing what they look like. I had a minor heart attack and had to pause the recording so many times to tell them to be careful! Note to self (and other nervous parents!) – let them learn, let them explore…

(but tell them to be careful!!) 

“As we watched “What’s Inside” [Lincoln and Dan on YouTube], we got an idea of a video to create for you. You guessed it , a look inside video! A big thanks to Lincoln and Dan for creating videos about what’s inside, and giving us the inspiration for this idea.” By Toby.

“Leave a comment about what you would like us to look inside next, and we will consider it. If you comment we may be able to go down to the dump and ask for the object to cut open. We will also be going to our French house (Chataigne House), where we have a broken printer and Xbox 360 which we will cut open for the blog & for YouTube.

We liked cutting open the Hudl because of all the cool electric parts in it, also because it is just really good fun.” By Hugo

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26 Replies to “Look Inside – What’s in a Hudl Tablet”

  1. Sue Stoddart says: Reply

    Aw they both sound very grown up! Love the way Hugo says ‘get a parent to help, because of sharp knife’ etc! Fab video guys x x

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Thanks Sue, I know, very grown up! They’re little naturals in front of the camera – think it’s because of all the YouTube videos they watch haha!

  2. Great! Before I watched I did wonder what on earth a “hudl tablet” was. Thought it was some sort of pill?! Your boys did a super job, very sweet and very interesting! #stayclassy

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      I know, I hate that they’re called a ‘tablet’ – we usually call them IPad, but as they’re not really IPads, we tried to get the right terminology! Confusing!

  3. Your boys are total naturals in front of the camera and did such a great job! They had such fun doing this what a great idea, so much learning involved. Loved it! TY for linking up to #FamilyFun

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Thank you Catie, I think it’s because they watch too many YouTube videos themselves! I’m trying to show them the other side of technology, and we are all learning a lot.

  4. I remember taking a yo yo apart as a kid to see how it worked… How things have changed! 😉
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Haha I know! I remember dismantling a clock, that’s as far as I got!

  5. Petite Pudding says: Reply

    What a great thing to get them to do – I really enjoyed watching them discover all those parts. It did make me wince when they get the knife out and prised the screen off! Really enjoyed the video, the boys seemed to have good fun working together. Looking forward to see what you choose to do next 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #PuddingLove

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      I know, me too! My heart was in my mouth but I was trying to let them be independent, and the knife is very blunt! Thanks for watching.

  6. Blimey I bet they loved this – permission to destroy 🙂 Very interesting and fun post xx #bigpinklink

  7. The Mum Project says: Reply

    Oooo did not know about the electromagnetic! Really interesting and your boys are excellent at explaining all the parts! Hmmm I’m not sure what else you could open up….what about a bubble machine?? How does that work? : ) Thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Thank you so much. They’ve already been puling old mobile phones and cameras out of the cupboards! Bubble machine sounds cool!

  8. Wow, they clearly enjoyed doing that!! Although every time the knife was picked up, your sentiment about staying safe was screeching through my head…!! Heart in mouth!! It was interesting to see what the screen part looked like when dismantled-I can just see my boys loving doing these things when they’re older, in fact my husband was looing over my shoulder at this, recounting all the things he took apart as a child!!
    Thanks for linking to #bigpinklink
    This Mum’s Life recently posted…My Wish List of Life Improvement: Snoring, Foxes, and Lena DunhamMy Profile

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      I know, I’m normally uber-cautious, I can’t believe I didn’t just jump in! I’ve seen kids their age chopping veg with really sharp knives and all sorts, so I tried to sit on my hands! Think I’ll have to get their dad to join in next time though (or maybe your husband?!)

  9. Your boys are very clever! This is a great idea #stayclassy

  10. We are still at the ‘lick everything’ stage, so will be avoiding taking apart electricals for a while! Great idea though, it is hard to give them that little bit of independence though isn’t it, I think that is something I will really struggle with as my daughter gets older.

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Lol not too wise then! Although my Hubby was asking the kids if they’d ever licked a battery recently… “For goodness sakes, don’t give them any ideas” I thought!

  11. What a clever idea for a video! I bet they really enjoyed finding out what was inside. This is just the sort of thing that my son would love! We would love to see what is inside and xbox! Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG
    A Mum Track Mind recently posted…A Father’s Day Gift GuideMy Profile

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      We’re going to France next week, so we’ll hopefully do the Xbox then – stay tuned!

  12. What a great idea! There is so much learning to crack open a tablet – fab idea to video it. I’m going to show my son when he gets home, he will love this! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK x
    Becky, Cuddle Fairy recently posted…Rainy Day ActivitiesMy Profile

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Thanks Becky – I hope he enjoys watching it as much as our boys enjoyed making it!

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