My Sunday Photo

Planet of crocodiles

I was allowed a day out without Mummy this week (she wasn’t feeling too well). It was strange to be having a ‘family’ day out without the whole family, but what was stranger was that she relinquished control of the new camera! Neither of us knows how to use it yet, but it has a […]


Typically French

…Typically French of course! Did you think this was going to be a negative and moaning post? No chance! The sun came out this week, and showed us all the things we love about France, so my word of the week is therefore typically:  Adverb ; in a way that shows all the characteristics that […]

30 Days Wild – week 1

Sage flowers with bee

This is an initiative from the Wildlife Trust to spend 30 days doing something wild every day, including ‘random acts of wildness’ like Feel the wild landscapes through the soles of your feet – sand, grass, pebbles, water Wear daisies & dandelions to jazz up any outfit – in your hair or around your wrist […]