30 Days Wild – Week 2

Castle Verteuille

Well, more than 2 weeks have passed since we started the 30 Days Wild challenge. You can read how we did in week 1 here.

The first two weeks were the easy part in a way, as we were on holiday in France for most of it. Sustaining it when we’re back in cold and drizzly Britain is the difficult bit!

Having said that, 30 Days Wild doesn’t have to be about galloping through the countryside every single day, it can be as much about learning, or about nurturing wildlife eg feeding birds or making a place for bugs to stay.

Here’s what we got up to in our second week of wildlife:

Day 1: We were at Vallee Des Singes (Valley of the Monkeys- post here), but it was the farmyard which was a big success for my little monkey. He loves getting hands-on with animals, and couldn’t resist the little goats, which he wanted to take home.

Little goats
Toby wanted to adopt a little kid!

Day 2: We went to a village we adore, Verteuille-Sur-Charentes, and had a lovely walk by the river, looking at the fish swimming in the shallow water.

Castle Verteuille
Chateau Verteuille – fairytale castle & lovely river

Day 3: The boys were very excited to catch some photos of this black bee. We saw a few of them in France, they are absolutely huge and very noisy!

Posing large black bee
A black bee faced up to pose for me!

Day 4: We went to a Plan d’Eau near to us. A lovely big lake which is teeming with wildlife. Here, Daddy & H were initially looking for ducks they could hear in the reeds, and ended up spotting some lovely dragonflies and damselflies

Spotting dragonflies
Spotting Dragonflies and Damselflies in the reeds

Day 5: We stopped at the roadside to photograph this lovely row of poppies growing wild

Poppies by the roadside
Wild poppies by the side of the road

Day 6: Geese & ducks by the river

Geese and ducks
Ducks and geese by the river

Day 7: Home again and watching Springwatch on TV with my dog!

Dog watching television
Watching Springwatch on TV with my dog


Can we keep it up now that we’re back home in the UK? It’s much more of a challenge now! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to find out!
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12 Replies to “30 Days Wild – Week 2”

  1. wow look at the poppies they are stunning!
    RachelSwirl recently posted…Beep! Beep! I’m Back On The Vlogging BusMy Profile

  2. That bee shot is AMAMZING and I’m slightly jealous! Lovely pics.

    1. Thanks Lydia, it was just with my mobile phone, but it kind of posed for me really!

  3. I love the idea of this project, it’s so important to instill a love and respect of nature in our children! Lovely photos too, especially the poppies 🙂 #LivingArrows
    Emilie recently posted…Living Arrows 25/52 – On Daddy’s ShouldersMy Profile

    1. Oops wrong hashtag! Sorry, blogging and linky NEWB! #TheList
      Emilie recently posted…Living Arrows 25/52 – On Daddy’s ShouldersMy Profile

    2. Familymakes says: Reply

      Thank you Emilie, and welcome from anoher blogging newbie xx

  4. Beautiful pics! I’m trying to post something everyday throughout June and it can be tough thinking of ideas. The grey, rainy days aren’t helping! #TheList

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      I know Lauren, it is very difficult isn’t it?

  5. This does sound like a challenge when you’re back at home… But now it’s ‘officially’ summer I’m sure there’ll be plenty even in your own back garden! We found a whole hoard of caterpillars today. Maybe you could go digging for worms? You could always cheat and sprinkle some water from a watering can to try lure them out?

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      That’s a great idea Cat – we must try that. Thanks x

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