6 Things To Love About French Markets

Fabric and table linens at French Market

You don’t have to be a true Francophile to appreciate everything that is wonderful about French Markets. Here are a few words and a lot of pictures to show you why we love them so much:

  1. The sense of community. An entire village, often run down and sleepy, and looking quite ‘closed’, completely comes alive on market day. You see locals congregate and chat, cafes and bars fill up and spill out onto the streets, and everywhere feels more lively and vibrant.
    Artist capturing the French Market scene
    Artist capturing the French Market scene
    French Markets getting busy
    Market getting busy

    Old men people waching at French Market
    Old men ‘people watching’
  2. The colours. Everything about French markets is bright and colourful, from the fruit and veg to the fabrics, hats and flowers.
    Fruit and Veg at French Market
    Fruit and Veg
    Fabric and table linens at French Market
    Fabric and table linens
    Hats and Handbags at French Market
    Hats and handbags

    Plants and flowers at French Market
    Plants and flowers
  3. The sounds. You can hear chattering and gossiping in various languages. People calling out to advertise their wares. Music coming from certain stalls. It’s a real cacophony of sounds.
  4. The smells. Mostly delicious, occasionally not! The meat and fish stalls can be quite pungent! As can some of the cheeses! Not to mention the animals, if there are any. But the fruits, sweets, bread and other produce, many of which can be tasted too, are absolutely delicious.
    Cheese Stall at French Market
    Cheese Stall
    Chickens and Ducks For Sale at French Market
    Chickens and Ducks For Sale
    Beautiful chickens at French Market
    My favourite chickens – I could have bought them all!
    Fresh Garlic for sale at French Market
    Fresh Garlic

    Fresh Langoustines at French Market
    Fresh Langoustines
  5. Fresh local produce has to be one of the main reasons people flock to the markets. Almost all of what you see is locally sourced, and some of it so fresh it is actually being prepared in front of you!
    Making food in front of you at French Markets
    Making food in front of you
    Lovely local flowers and plants
    Lovely local flowers and plants

    garlic local produce at French markets
    Local produce
  6. They are so tourist friendly!
    Locals smiling at market in France
    Always a smile for the tourists from the locals!
    Always a smile for the tourists at the french market from the locals!
    Olives for miles!
    Fresh and dried fruits at Market
    Fresh and dried fruits

    Have you ever visited a French market? Which one is your favourite? Lezay Market is our friendly local market in the Poitou Charentes, where these pictures were taken.

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    6 Things to Love About French Markets
    6 Things to Love About French Markets

Best of Worst
Hannah SpannahBest of Worst
Lou Messugo

35 Replies to “6 Things To Love About French Markets”

  1. For me the love of french markets is all about ONE thing, cheese! lol
    RachelSwirl recently posted…#TuesdayTreasures 20/09/2016My Profile

    1. Oh Rachel, I must admit I don’t like cheese! Probably just as well or I’d be the size of a house as I’m such a snacker!

  2. Ooh all that food and smells! olives and garlic really do it for me. I don’t think I have been to a French market for quite some time but this looks lovely and a great atmosphere. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

    1. Thanks Sarah, they are all very happy memories xx

  3. […] and Brocantes/Vide Grenier – we definitely managed the markets, several times (see our post 6 Things to Love About French Markets), although not the Brocantes/Vide Grenier this time I’m afraid, apart from the ‘Charity […]

  4. Yup – agree with you there. I have a similar post in production at the moment (great minds and all that!) #TheList
    Rosie (@greenrosielife) recently posted…Weekly Green Tips – 7 Uses for Old NewspapersMy Profile

    1. Oh great – let me know when it’s done Rosie! Mine has been a long time coming as I’ve been putting off editing all my photos!!

  5. We loved our family holiday to Plougasnou last Summer. My husband was really ill but we decided we needed to get away. We loved the local market in the town. It was a great! #TheList
    Sunita – Lucky Things Blog recently posted…Lucky Things Music: 7 reasons why music is good for your wellbeingMy Profile

    1. They are special, aren’t they? Thanks for reading.

  6. I’m so jealous! It looks absolutely lovely and has something for everyone! #FabFridayPost
    Lisa Pomerantz recently posted…Auditions Today!My Profile

    1. Thanks Lisa, it just gives you a feeling of summer, doesn’t it?

  7. I haven’t been to a French market before, but Hitchin does a monthly Farmers’s Market. It is similar to this but I think the French has it better. Better quality and fresher food. Looks so great. Love to visit there one day. Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost P.S. I love the fabric stall. I can browse at the stall all day! lol! xx
    Su {Ethan & Evelyn} recently posted…#FabFridayPost Linky #50 {23.09.16}My Profile

    1. I think the big difference with the French markets is the atmosphere – it’s just so busy and lively. Farmer’s Markets are great too though, it’s good to support local businesses.

  8. Looks and sounds absolutely LOVELY! The smells, the colours, everything! On my to-go list soon… thanks for sharing.

    1. The good thing about French markets is that no matter where you go in France you will find one! Hope you get to go soon!

  9. Oh the olives! These are what I remember most from our summer and the French Markets. They are so much fun, but not cheap! #Best&Worst
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Let Tidy Skull surprise you at HalloweenMy Profile

    1. You’re right Fiona, not much is cheap in France actually, except the wine of course! Hope you enjoyed France as much as we did x

  10. I LOVE a French market, one of the highlights of our holidays, Sarlat in the Dordogne is my favourite. Lovely post, brings backs lots of memories, thanks for sharing with the #bestandworst

    1. Oh Sarlat is gorgeous! The night markets in the Dordogne are the best too.

  11. I’m a big fan of the cheese, fruit and vegetable stalls. Brive La Gaillarde (Correze, dept. 19), about an hour from us, has a wonderful Saturday morning market. Bustling with people and has such a wide variety of goods, so lovely to see.

    1. We’re in dept. 79, I’ll have to look that up to see how far it is (I’m home in UK just now but Hubby is back in France to shut down for winter- I’ll tell him about it, thanks xx)

  12. What a great reminder of how a French market can fill up your senses — and send you home with incredibly fresh fruits, vegetables, and the occasional roast chicken. (Our favorite was in Vienne, just south of Lyon. They actually have a market somewhere every day of the week except Monday — but the one on Saturday morning calls itself “the 2nd largest market in France”, covering 6 linear kilometres around the center of town.)

    1. 6 Kilometers wow! Our local one isn’t that large, but it’s lovely anyway! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  13. I adore French markets & when I’m down here my week tends to revolve around them – from the big ones that fill the centre of the towns & spill into every street like Apt (Saturday) to the Farmers’ Markets like Coustellet (Sunday) or the village markets such as Goult (Thursday – worth a visit if only for the Fig & Raisin bread from the boulangerie that is their market-day special!) Such fun and as you say they bring the towns & villages to life!

    1. |I love reading everyone’s experiences of their local markets. They are all very special. Thanks for sharing yours Julie.

  14. My local market was my principal pleasure and chief means of integrating myself when I first arrived! You are quite correct: there is plenty to love about them. #AllAboutFrance

    1. It would definitely seem a good place to integrate and meet people. Are you there permanently now? Thanks for coming over to our little blog!

  15. Phoebe | Lou Messugo says: Reply

    I love a good French market but they are not all created equal! Some can be rather dire. I love these local (06) ones in Valbonne every Friday, Antibes every day, Nice libération every day. I also love the main market in Nancy (54) daily and Villiers sur Marne (94) daily. Thanks for linking to #AllAboutFrance
    Phoebe | Lou Messugo recently posted…Asian Arts on the Côte d’AzurMy Profile

    1. Yes I’ve come across a few dire ones too! Glad you have plenty that you love though.

  16. I do love a good French market… the smells, sound and odd mix of bric a brac that emerge in some of the flea markets in France can be rather eye-opening #allaboutfrance

    1. I’ve not found anyone yet who doesn’t love them actually! Thaks for coming over xx

  17. Ooh, I love that rooster/chicken fabric – what fun!
    I get disappointed when cheap and imitation goods sneak their way into an otherwise good market. Grrr
    Thanks for your post and fab photos

    1. Thank you Annette, for your comment and for popping over xx

  18. I love a good market, it’s been a long time since I’ve travelled to france though
    chickenruby recently posted…105 My Sunday Photo January 1st 2017 – D is for Disappointment.My Profile

    1. We have French markets/European markets here in the UK too, maybe because we’re by the coast?

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