Little Loves #5 – Proud

Harvest festival offerings


They say pride comes before a fall, but I think being a proud Mum is perhaps excusable?  My kids have made me very proud for various reasons recently, so that’s what I’m sharing today.


Moby Dick book read at school in year 5
Moby Dick book

Hugo finally finished his school reading book ‘Moby Dick’ this week. He has really enjoyed reading it, and afterwards, we discussed why it was a classic and why he thought it had stood the test of time. Daddy told him about the hidden meaning of obsession and how it can be damaging. Hugo really took this on board. His level of understanding is becoming so sophisticated.


Toby’s Harvest Festival – our school has its harvest festival in Church, and it is a lovely service with the children leading the readings and prayers. I had a proud Mama moment as my little one, Toby, did a reading. The Church Altar was stacked with food donations for the local old persons’ Breakfast Club and the Food Bank.

Harvest festival offerings
Harvest Festival


I wanted to share with FTMOB this week but just didn’t get time to write a full post, but as Hugo was away at school camp, we took Toby out for a treat to Pizza Hut. He was so enthusiastic, and told me “I love it at Pizza Hut because, not only is the food great quality, but the staff are so friendly and helpful too!” A future blogger in the making?!

He also listened carefully to me bemoaning the fact that I don’t do more with the boys, and he reassured me “I bet lots of people with heart failure just sit around and don’t go out at all, but you try your best to do things with us all the time”. I felt so reassured that he appreciated the things I do with him, and also that he is learning to say kind things and make people feel better when they are sad. Another proud moment for me!

Pizza Hut kid review love
Pizza Hut Love


We have lots of ‘making’ plans for the half-term holiday, but have already made a start on Halloween costumes. This has been so much fun for Toby as he gets to basically rip up his clothes to become a zombie! Hugo has carefully drawn his design for me to create him a costume to be a dementor from Harry Potter. I’ve cheated a little and started with a Grim Reaper costume which I’m adding to with black cheesecloth type fabric. Photos to follow (probably next week!)


Here is a photo of Hugo, sharing the souvenir t-shirt he got from his school camp. He was incredibly brave and tried absolutely everything, including things very high up (zip slide, giant high swing, trapeze, climbing wall), very low down (caving, obstacle course, night wire), and lots in between! Here’s me, being a proud Mum again!

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12 Replies to “Little Loves #5 – Proud”

  1. I loved our harvest festival too and so thankful of all the donations passed on to the food banks. Sounds like you have a lot to be proud of #littleloves

    1. It is lovely to teach our children to help those less fortunate too.

  2. No wonder you’re feeling proud, such a lovely week and thoughtful children. Thanks for sharing with #WotW
    The Reading Residence recently posted…Word of the Week 21/10/16My Profile

    1. Aw thank you Jocelyn x

  3. What great moments to feel proud about. I’m glad Hugo enjoyed Moby Dick. Our school has their harvest festival in the village church. It is a lovely occasion. Can’t wait to see your dementor’s outfit. It does sound like a fun idea. Guaranteed to send shivers down the backs of all. #wotw
    Cheryl | TimeToCraft recently posted…Homestead DayMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your comment Cheryl, I’ll let you know if the outfit works out!

  4. Awww, your boys are so caring. Sounds like you do amazing stuff with them. Sometimes it is better to have quality rather then quantity with stuff to do. As long as they are loved, fed and safe that is all that matters in the end really X #wotw

    1. They have their moments! At other times they drive me mad, but that’s kids I suppose!

  5. What lovely moments, no wonder you feel proud.
    So lovely that your children have empathy and understanding towards others. You have every right to feel proud!
    tracey at Mummyshire recently posted…Sunday Photo : 23 October 2016My Profile

    1. Thank you Tracey, it’s taken a while but it feels like the penny has dropped with them!

  6. I’m not surprised you’re proud, what wonderful boys you have!
    The year 6 from my daughter’s school go to Robinwood too, what a small world!! xx

    1. Oh really? Small world indeed! Next year the Y5’s are going alone (5&6 went together this time), so my little one will get to go too.

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