Wikipedia The Game – Review

Wikipedia The Game

Today we’re bringing you more gift ideas, in the shape of family board games, including Wikipedia the Game.

In the spirit of finding things for ‘Teens, Tweens, and Other Hard To Buy For’s’, family board games are an absolute ideal. There are so many to choose from these days, from the traditional quiz types, to some fairly weird and whacky ideas!

The Wikipedia game falls firmly into the former – a fairly traditional type of quiz. The Wikipedia game has a simple, straightforward format, without any gadgets of gimmicks.

The game box contains 300 Wiki Theme Cards (question cards), 4 whiteboards, 4 whiteboard markers, 100 tokens and an egg timer.

Wikipedia The Game
Wikipedia The Game

The game is suitable for age 8+. We played it together as a family, with my 8 year old and 10 year old sons. I was a little worried that this might not keep the attention of my children, as there are no game boards to move around, no bright colours or bits of plastic!

They did quite well though, as I think they are quite used to using white boards at school, so this was fairly natural to them. Plus, they both have a competitive streak!

Loving a bit of competition!
Loving a bit of competition!

There are three games on each card, all along the theme of the card title. Game 1 is three trivia questions, read out against the timer, and the answers written on the board. Game 2 is based around guessing the page rankings on Wikipedia for the 3 theme-related topics. The third game was our favourite – Disambiguation. This involves listing 5 things on the specified subject against the timer.

Wikipedia Game Parts
Wikipedia Game Parts

So, all are very straightforward and require little equipment. You are supposed to play all 3 games on the card before moving on, but you could always decide to play your favourite one depending on the mood and audience. Another tip if you have younger players – we decided to pick out some topics suitable for the children. My kids are quite clever, but really struggled with some themes (as did I, actually!). We purposely picked out cards about Roald Dahl, Harry Potter, history subjects they had covered at school etc to give them a little more of a chance.

Wikipedia Game - some questions are hard
Some questions are hard for 8-year olds!

We think Wikipedia is a nice, simple to play, general knowledge game. Not high thrills or gimmicks, but easy as an after dinner game or quiz for families with older children.

Disclosure: We were sent the Wikipedia game to review, but all opinions are our own.

If you want to see some more of our game and other gift recommendations, look out for our guides.

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