24 Things To Put In Your Advent Calendar

24 Ideas for Filling Your Advent Calendars

Yes, I know, it’s December already. Have you made an Advent Calendar? Or are you still panicking about what to put in it? Well don’t worry…

The first thing, which only really dawned on me yesterday, is that you don’t have to fill it with a full month worth of stuff. If you do, the little blighters darlings will only peek/swap around/steal the stuff early anyway. No, panic not, fill the next few days’ worth, then read my list and do the rest later (at your leisure, as it were!)

This is an Advent Calendar I made yesterday using Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint (instructions here) which I simply put candy canes in, as they look so pretty! It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Home Made Advent Calendar Using Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint
Home made Advent Calendar

Some ideas depend on the size of the pockets or boxes on your calendar, some depend on the age and sex of your children, but here is a list of ideas for you to work with. I hope you are inspired!

24 Ideas for Filling Your Advent Calendars
Ready to fill our Advent Calendars
  1. Lego – I’m splitting a small lego box for mine. The best way is to follow the instructions as you split the pack so they can be made as they go along.
  2. Jigsaw pieces – same principle, a few pieces per day to make up the puzzle
  3. Stampers (rubber printing stamps)
  4. Stickers
  5. Chocolate coins
  6. Real money coins!
  7. Mini figures
  8. Party poppers
  9. Tiny puzzles – I used the little ball/maze puzzles
  10. Marshmallows to make a snowman or with hot chocolate
  11. Pin badges (flashing lights/Christmas themed)
  12. Keyrings
  13. Stationery items – rubbers, pencil sharpeners etc
  14. Necklace/bracelet
  15. Hair bows, bobbles, slides, clips
  16. Craft items, or split up a craft kit (we’ve got Mr. Maker kits this year)
  17. Christmas baubles to hang on the tree
  18. Felt finger puppets or decorations, maybe in kit form if children are older
  19. Wrapped biscuits
  20. Christmas style chocolates (foil wrapped mini Santa, Snowman etc)
  21. Chocolate tree decorations
  22. Lip gloss or chapstick
  23. Vouchers or notes for special treats (panto, Santa visit, view lights, movie night – let your imagination run wild!)
  24. Acts of kindness – we are adding an act of kindness every day in ours. Giving is as important as receiving. It’s a good lesson to give at Christmas time!

If you need inspiration for acts of kindness, Mum in the Madhouse has some great printables, or see our Pinterest board for more.

Advent Clanedar Train to fill with ideas
Our Advent Calendar Train

24 Things to put in your Advent Calendar - lots of inspiration
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18 Replies to “24 Things To Put In Your Advent Calendar”

  1. Love this – some fab ideas and I like the idea of a chalkboard – what you’ve done with it is really clever!
    Lauretta Wright recently posted…New To DIY? Read these 7 Fantastic Tips FirstMy Profile

    1. Thank you Lauretta – I’m working on a how-to right now. It was an old canvas picture!

  2. This is a great list of ideas for the advent calendar! We were a little busy with our house move and settled for a bought advent..and the dogs attacked it while we were out and it is no more! I think i may go and make one for Sylvia after all! Fab ideas! I’ll be pinning this!
    Angela Milnes recently posted…Having Fun With Kids Fashion Our YearMy Profile

    1. Thank you Angela, I hope it helps (and hope your dog is forgiven!)

  3. Fab ideas. We do a advent calendar like this and fill it with Christmas related activities. My son loves it x

    1. That’s a great idea Franki x

  4. Great ideas, I hadn’t thought about splitting Lego or jigsaws. I still have a few days to fill, so will be doing this, a lot cheaper and still such fun.

    1. Thanks for reading, and good luck with the rest of your calendar filling!

  5. These are great ideas, it’s not easy to come up with a variety when you’re limited by size. I definitely plan to use some of these when my boys are a bit bigger. I also think your advent calendar is adorable, what a lovely thing to have made!

    1. Thanks Gemma, and I hope your boys enjoy whatever you do for advent x

  6. We tend to stick to chocolate but there are some fab ideas here!
    RachelSwirl recently posted…December Has Arrived And It’s The Final CountdownMy Profile

    1. Thanks Rachel – if you ever get sick of chocolate…..nah, who am I kidding? Who ever gets sick of chocolate?!

  7. Some lovely ideas here. We have chocolate coins and then an activity each day. I’m missing about 5 later on an 2 have already not happened due to illness. Bleurgh! #thlist
    Emma T recently posted…Afternoon tea at The Delaunay and other London eateriesMy Profile

    1. Yes our acts of kindness haven’t worked out yet due to my back being so bad. Never mind, they can be kind to me instead! Hope you all feel better soon x

  8. Love this! So nice to get a little something each day. Really special and personalised xx

    1. Thank you – my kids really enjoy it x

  9. Chantal Milk&Nappies says: Reply

    Oh I love the idea of an act of kindness!! xx #TheList

    1. Thank you Chantal x

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