How To Make Chalkboard Gift Tins For Christmas Gifts

Chalkboard Gft Tins Recycled from old sweetie tins

The nice people at Rust-Oleum sent us some lovely paints to use in our craft projects. They also sent us a link to their inspiring website where we found a fabulous idea for chalkboard painted gift tins, and decided to make it our own!

We recycled some sweet tins, one plastic and one metal, and covered them with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint. The steps are very straightforward, but we’ve made a how-to video for you to follow and see what we made:

  1. Eat all the sweeties from your chosen container. I know, this is the tough part!
  2. Make sure the tin is clean.
  3. Consider using a primer (or skip this part if you are impatient like me!)
  4. Spray the tin and lid separately with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint. Use two thin coats if necessary, rather than one thick coat which may run.
  5. Once dry, apply your chosen design with chalk or chalk pen – take care as chalk pen can be quite difficult to remove (although not permanent, it can leave a smudge). You might want to consider using a stencil or repeating pattern.
  6. Fill with your chosen gift and give to the lucky recipient!
All finished! Home made chalkboard gift tins
All finished! Home made chalkboard gift tins

You might also like to see our other project using chalkboard paint, the Advent Calendar.

Directions and a short video for how to make these lovely chalkboard painted tins. A great upcycle/recycle of your sweet tins or cake tins!
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27 Replies to “How To Make Chalkboard Gift Tins For Christmas Gifts”

  1. Oh wow what a lovely idea! I have never thought of using chalkboard paint like this!

    1. Thanks, it’s really easy too!

  2. Oh I love this idea. I really can’t throw away those tins…or stop buying them it seems. I’d love to recycle them, without people thinking they are receiving the sweets – they are mine! Thank you for sharing.
    Cheryl | TimeToCraft recently posted…A thrifty giftMy Profile

    1. Hah I hear what you’re saying Cheryl, on all levels!!

  3. This is a really clever and unique idea – and takes ‘upcycling’ to a whole new level! Great inspiration – thank you!
    Lauretta Wright recently posted…What We Really Mean When We Say ‘I’m fine’My Profile

    1. Thanks Lauretta – you’ll have to have a go – it was very easy!

  4. These are a great idea! We used chalkboard paint at our wedding and think we might have some left over.
    Franki – Wonderful Chaos recently posted…In a Nutshell – November 2016My Profile

    1. I think I’m a bit addicted to chalkboard paint now!

  5. This is such a brilliant idea. I love it! How did you come up with that? Anyway I think i might use our chalk board paint and do the same as a gift for my nephews!
    Angela Milnes recently posted…Feeling Like A Failure Versus Thinking Positive Gastric BypassMy Profile

    1. Oh I hope you do – let me know how you get on!

  6. I went through a MASSIVE chalkboard phase a few years ago. So much you can do with that stuff! Very fun and creative idea!


    1. I think I’m in the middle of one right now!

  7. Such a good idea and so effective will keep this in mind for when my daughter is older ! #weekendblogshare

    1. Great, you can do them without kids too if you want 😉

  8. Such a clever idea! #youtubesunday

    1. Thanks Lucy x

  9. what a totally brilliant idea!

    1. Glad you like it Ali x

  10. These are amazing – such a great idea! Love that you are repurposing old tins – and making a fab gift too! x
    Rosie @ Little Fish recently posted…Little Moments #34: Fun Outings and KindnessMy Profile

    1. Thanks Rosie, I knew they’d come in useful one day!

  11. This is such a fab idea! Great way of using up old tins x

    1. Thanks Donna – will you be having a go? You get to eat the sweets first!

  12. Wow! I would have never thought about doing that! But I am not very creative… It looks nice and keeps them busy! Brownie points in my opinion! they really look to be into it! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    1. They have always loved crafts, it’s our little thing to do together (as I’m not sporty like them!)

  13. […] You can also view our other Chalkboard Paint project here […]

  14. What a great idea, we have some of this spray, I know what to do with our empty chocolate tins now! Thanks for linking up to #youtubesunday

    1. Time to start eating the chocolates then Ali!

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