Travel Bucket List Inspiration

Family Makes' Travel Bucket List Inspiration

Do you have a bucket list? A yearly one, or a ‘rest of your life’ one? I bet there are lots of travel options on there! Well, if you don’t have a travel bucket list, here are some ideas to get you started, otherwise, you might want to add some of them to your current bucket list!

Before I go further, let me just clarify that we have no hope of completing all of these, it’s just a ‘dream list’ really! Also, you may think there are some key places missing, but it may be that we’ve been there already – feel free to ask or make suggestions! We generally travel as a family, so most of our travel bucket list wishes are quite conservative and have kids in mind. We’re open to suggestions, though!


North Coast 500 – a fabulous trail of the North of Scotland, starting in Inverness and taking a big loop around the coast. Our boys were both born in Scotland and a large part of our hearts are still there.

Scotland's beautiful coastline
Scotland’s beautiful coastline

London, including the Harry Potter tour (for the boys), London Eye, and a West End show (for Cal).

View from the London Eye
View from the London Eye

Legoland Windsor – No, I haven’t taken leave of my senses, this one is on here for the kids!

Lake District Tour – The Lake District isn’t far from us, and it’s a scandal really that we don’t visit it often. I sometimes drive through for work, and Cal lived there too for a while (lucky thing), but again the kids haven’t visited and we need a family holiday there together. Soon!

Beautiful scenery in the Lake District
Beautiful scenery in the Lake District


Paris, including a trip up the Eiffel Tower, and Euro Disney for the kids. They have been to Euro Disney once before, but have very little memory of it now as they were so young.

Iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris - we want to go to the top!
Iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris – we want to go to the top!

Rome – we’ve been before, but would love to show the kids this wonderful city

Fabulous history - Colosseum, Rome
Fabulous history – Colosseum, Rome

An old fashioned train ride on the Orient Express (without the kids this time, please!)

Austria – Lech, and neighbouring St.Anton, ski playgrounds of the rich and famous, but we can all dream. Skiing has been my big love for years, and the boys are following in my footsteps now.

France – We have a place in France which we rent out gites, Chataigne House, but we have a small obsession with castles, and would love to visit more Chateaux, in France or elsewhere.

Chateau de Chambord, France
Chateau de Chambord, France

Norway – Hammerfest/North Cape. The most northerly point of mainland Europe, with a chance to see the Northern Lights.


(Now we’re talking)

Niagra Falls – I’ve actually been, but it’s Cal’s number 1 dream, and I really want to show it to her and the kids.

Disneyworld Florida – who doesn’t want to treat their kids to the ultimate holiday in Florida? We’d also love to visit Miami, and Cal’s love of Art Deco could really be indulged here, as well as lots of glitzy beaches.

Dreaming of Disney
Dreaming of Disney

Yellowstone National Park – I’ve always been fascinated by this place, and would love to visit. In fact, what I’d really like to do is a grand America road trip, time and money permitting!

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

New York – again we’ve been before but would love to show the kids. It would blow their minds – it certainly did ours!

Mindblowing New York
Mindblowing New York

Safari – in Kenya maybe, with a hot air balloon ride too. Although I’m more of a safe traveller these days, but this is still there in the back of my mind.

Canada – Whistler or Banff for the skiing, of course! Stunning scenery too.

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada must be on our Travel Bucket List
Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

New Zealand – I’m a bit worried we’d never want to come back, from what I’ve heard about New Zealand. But this year it hosts a fabulous Rugby tour of the British and Irish Lions in June and Early July, so that would be the time to visit if you’re a rugby fan.

Bermuda – Would be amazing to visit at any time, but this year, Bermuda is hosting the 35th America’s Cup in June, which would be an amazing spectacle.

Beautiful Bermuda Beaches
Beautiful Bermuda Beaches

Many cruise lines are including Bermuda as a stop to coincide with the Americas Cup, which would be fabulous. Cruising is such a great way to see several places in one trip, and I love the idea of a Caribbean cruise especially.

Cruising to the Caribbean or Bermuda on your Travel Bucket List
Cruising to the Caribbean or Bermuda

Have you made a travel bucket list, or other bucket list? Would you be willing to share it? Have any of our ideas inspired you? We’d love to know.

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Travel bucket list inspiration ideas from Family Makes
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44 Replies to “Travel Bucket List Inspiration”

  1. Some lovely destinations – and many I’d like to try as well!
    Lauretta Wright recently posted…10 Great Ideas For Saving Money In 2017My Profile

    1. They are all fairly conventional, but I guess they are popular for a reason!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve always had a bucket list in my head, but it changes constantly as I read about new places to go 🙂 I really should start writing it down… Love your place in France, it looks amazing! #MondayEscapes
    Lisa – recently posted…Our lowlights and highlights of 2016My Profile

    1. Thank you Lisa. It’s a fairly conventional list but it does help to get it all down!

  3. I really think you can see them all? I mean maybe not all in 2017 but a lifetime can squeeze in so much fun. I’ve fallen in love with the Caribbean and so hope 2017 takes us back there 🙂 #tuesdaytreasures

    1. Health and finances permitting, we’d really love to (and would probably add more too!). Hope you get to the Caribbean again.

  4. Loads of fantastic places on your list, lots the same as I would love to visit. I’m a home bird really and there’s so much of this country I’ve not seen yet. You must do Florida I’ve been twice and it’s just beautiful and so much fun. Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTreasures
    Angela Webster recently posted…#TuesdayTreasures 03/01/2017My Profile

    1. I know, I’m desperate to go to Florida. We need to save up!

  5. This is a really nice list! Bermuda is somewhat close to the Caribbean, but I definitely think Jamaica should be on there. That’s where my family’s from, and needs to be at the top of my list. I hear it’s so beautiful and the food is amazing, plus the reggae music, what more could you ask for!

    But would love to go Paris this year, without the kids. I think I need to make one of my own.

    1. Oh yes, I’m sure we could take in Jamaica on a cruise! If you’ve still got family there it’s so much easier to visit too, and to see the ‘real’ Jamaica not just the resorts.

  6. I love your list! I sort of have one in my head but as you say, finances are the limiting factor. I have been to Dubai and that is amazing. Now that my kids are older I have to take their opinions into account as well (that’s how we ended up in Dubai!) I’d love to go to New York later this year as both my husband and I will be turning 50 so keep your fingers crossed for me.
    Sharon recently posted…Are your New Year’s resolutions broken already?My Profile

  7. great ideas! #mondayescapes
    Tanja (the Red phone box travels) recently posted…2016 on the Red Phone Box travelsMy Profile

    1. Thank you Tanja!

  8. Fab post I love it, many of these are on our list too. I would love to go back to New York and do a tour of Scotland this year. Thanks so much for linking up and have a great 2017 #MondayEscapes xxx
    Sarah Christie recently posted…Monday Escapes 2 Jan 2017My Profile

    1. Thank you Sarah. Happy travels!

  9. So many amazing places to visit there. I would love to explore Scotland and all of the coastlines up there. I have seen some amazing photos! Thanks so much for linking up to #ThePlacesWeWillGoLinky xx
    Sonia recently posted…The Places We Will Go Linky {Jan 17}My Profile

    1. Thanks Sonia, yes Scotland is truly beautiful and very versatile (and on our doorstep!)

  10. I’ve recently written my bucket list too but I’ve stuck to the UK because at least this way I have some hope of achieving them. Good luck with yours! #Mondayescapes

    1. That’s a good theory Christine! For us, I suppose it depends how long we’ve got to achieve it!!

  11. Oh fabulous list, if I ever did think of doing a bucket list, then the trans-Siberian express is on it, one for when the kids are older maybe!
    Tooting Mama recently posted…Tooting Mama’s guide: How to start runningMy Profile

    1. That sounds amazing!

  12. I really want to take Erin to a lot of these places when she’s older

    1. That’s our aim now too, Lyndsey, introducing our kids to some of the places we love.

  13. Wow so many fabulous ideas. New York is top of mine!!

    1. Thanks Debbie. Yes, New York is very special x

  14. So many amazing sounding places, I’d love to go to them all! Niagara Falls is one of my favourite sites in the world and I am lucky enough to have been twice now x

    1. Oh wow I’m so jealous Rhian! I really need to go to Niagra Falls!!

  15. What an amazing Bucket List! I’ve been inspired! Thanks for sharing! #eatsleepblogRT

    1. So glad to hear we inspired you!!

  16. A travel bucket list is a great idea. I must make one. I absolutely adore the lakes and love the sound of your Scottish tour. I’m going to look into that. Bermuda would always be amazing but not sure we have the budget. Thanks for linking to #eatsleepblogRT

    1. Neither do we have the budget for Bermuda, Caribbean, Florida… I’ll have to keep entering competitions! There’s a great site for the North Coast 500 – I’ll send it to you x

  17. A great list. After taking the children to Walt Disney World, Florida I can’t really see us going anywhere else with them! It was a fantastic experience and, with two children with very different abilities it isn’t easy to find places which work for them both.
    Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes recently posted…Minister of Hope?My Profile

  18. Fabulous places for a bucket list. We are taking a road trip around northern Europe this summer and are planning a trip to Asia next year. The northern lights are on our bucket list for the next two years too. A safari would be incredible, they can be so expensive though.

    1. Your plans sound amazing – you’re so lucky to be able to do all of that! I’ll be watching your travels (I assume you’ll blog about it all?)

  19. This is a great – and very comprehensive – bucket list!
    We took the kids to Paris last year and they absolutely loved it, its a wonderful city 😀

    1. We’re in France very year but have never made it to Paris with the kids yet – we really must try this year! Glad you all enjoyed it.

  20. Lyn @ A Hole in my Shoe says: Reply

    Thanks for adding to my overflowing bucket list… I am always inspired to travel after reading posts like this, especially with amazing photos.
    Lyn @ A Hole in my Shoe recently posted…Ljubljana – Europe’s greenest and most liveable cityMy Profile

    1. Haha you’re very welcome Lyn! This is a cut down version too, I’m trying to be more realistic (would you believe!). Happy travels!

  21. I have always wanted to go to Disneyworld in Florida and Rome. They are definitely on my ‘top places to visit list’. Great list hope you get to visit them all. #PlaydaysRunways
    Michelle Murray recently posted…Tech Tuesday – August Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ReviewMy Profile

    1. Thanks Michelle, I hope you do too. Let me know if you blog about them, I’d love to read it.

  22. Wow that is some list and I had to go back and check you were not planning to do all of them in one year!! I am not really a great traveller but do enjoy visiting the world through the people who stay in our gite 😉 #BloggerClubUK

    (As a complete aside have you seen I am admin on a FB group called Book Your Holiday Direct with the Owner and you can promote your gites on there of you want to).
    Rosie (@greenrosielife / @EcoGitesLenault) recently posted…Animal Tales – 89My Profile

    1. No, this is a bucket list in the conventional way (ie for the rest of our lives!). Thanks for telling me about the Facebook group – I’ll take a look!

  23. Some fantastic destinations there. I think the only place I would add that’s not on your list is Istanbul.

    I went as a sulky teen with my parents for a city break. It’s anot amazing city where East meets West. The history and culture is amazing. Not to mention the shoping in the Souk.

    1. Oh yes, I wne to Istanbul on a reward type trip with work several years ago, it is really fascinating! So already ticked that one off my bucket list, but thanks for the suggestion Alan!

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