A Comper’s Wish List – Focus on Winning Competitions

Make a comper's wish list - which competitions would you like to win?

I was a comper before I was a blogger. I would enter competitions every single day. Then I had to let it slide when we started this blog, as two time-consuming hobbies didn’t sit well with family life. Recently I started doing some comping again, so I’m sharing my comper’s wish list for 2017.

What is a comper’s wish list, and why do I need one?

Make a comper's wish list - which competitions would you like to win?
Make a wish list

Well, I’ve taken advice from the Queen of Competitions, Di Coke, who shares many comping tips on her website Superlucky Me. Focussing on what you want to win is a good tactic. It helps save time entering competitions for prizes you don’t really want, and encourages a positive mindset. You can search for the prizes you want or need, and are much more likely to be successful.  It also makes your time more manageable and stops you feeling overwhelmed.

You can also record your success against your wishlist, which is very motivating. And if all else fails, you’ve got a great birthday or Christmas present wishlist!

I find inspiration from competition websites, where I can browse through and see the type of prizes on offer and easily choose which I would like to win. In the run up to Christmas my focus shifts to toys and other things for my family. I also add to the list anything I might need but can’t really afford at the moment (like a new bed), or things I know are on their way out (like a laptop).

I had a very lucky month in October, when I first started doing competitions again (which I wrote about here), but not much since. I’m not giving in easily though, I’ve made a long list of wishes here!

  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Air fryer
  • Nutri-Bullet style blender
  • Stand mixer
  • Holiday – especially America – Florida, New York or Vegas, or Niagra Falls, or a ski holiday
  • Camera – especially one good for blogging
  • New bed
  • TV (preferably curved)
  • Laptop for Paul
  • Ride on Lawnmower (also a dream for Paul)
  • Raised flowerbeds or other garden decorative items
  • Garden shed/office/den
  • What are you wishing for? Have you made a list? Whatever it is, I wish you good luck!

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A comper's wish list - focus on winning competitions
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20 Replies to “A Comper’s Wish List – Focus on Winning Competitions”

  1. Oh wow, where do you find these competitions to enter in? I always wanted to enter the Gadget show competitions, but never thought I could win so didn’t ever bother.
    Rochelle recently posted…Why SMART New Year Resolution goals are effective + my goalsMy Profile

    1. You have to be in it to win it, as they say! There are many Facebook groups where people share competitions they find, or websites such as Loquax, MSE or Competition Database are really good too. You could start with Di’s site which I linked to.

  2. I only recently discovered how many online comps there were and I’d love to be a comper but didn’t know where to start. This is so useful! I can see exactly what you mean – it’s tempting to just try for everything and then give up! Making a list first of what you actually want is a fab idea. Thank you and good luck!

    1. If you really want to get into it, you might want to join something like Competition Database, Loquax or the Comp forum on MSE. Good luck to you too x

  3. A cool list. I would love to win a vacume cleaner lol!
    Angela recently posted…Treating Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass SurgeryMy Profile

    1. Yes, especially a robot one which you can just set away and it does it all for you!

  4. ooOooh! I love Di Coke’s website but I’ve never thought about making a list! What a great idea! I will be doing this right now! Thank you!

    1. Excellent! Hope you wish for lots of lovely things Sarah!

  5. I’ve come at it from the other side – I didn’t know these sorts of competitions existed until I started blogging and now I’m hosting them! Crazy! Thank you for these tips and good luck! #TheListLinky
    Lucy At Home recently posted…It’s Hard When You’re Grieving At Christmas TimeMy Profile

    1. That’s great Lucy, I’ll have to look out for your competitions!

  6. Wow – I’ve never thought of entering competitions but it looks like a great thing to do. Thanks for the information – really interesting! #KCACOLS

    1. Glad you found it interesting Tabitha – you have to be in to to win it!

  7. I just started entering competitions at the end of last year and haven’t won anything yet but a holiday would be really nice 🙂 #KCACOLS

    1. Keep at it Tracey, it will be your turn soon! (Or mine!)

  8. Yet another fab introduction to a world I never knew existed. Yes obviously I’ve heard of entering competitions but as for there being competition websites or databases, that’s a new one. Defo like the idea of making a winning wish list and aiming for those items. #KCACOLS

    1. Thank you Cassie, and good luck if you decide to try!

  9. I love competitions and have a whole juggling thing going on with my blogging and comping. Its so good to get a win. I’ve taken your point though on just entering the ones where you think the prize is really what you want. I won a couple of things that I just couldn’t use like a game that could only be downloaded to a certain device that I never had or would have.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday
    mainy – myrealfairy recently posted…How to time manage your way back to happinessMy Profile

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me trying to juggle blogging and comping! Good luck for future wins!

  10. I’m the worst for entering competitions. I literally enter once, expect to win and then am overly disappointed when I don’t. All the way through my maternity leave I’m been certain I would win the lottery thus postponing my return to work FOREVER! As expected I’m still poor although I’ve only played a handful of times so it’s unsurprising! #KCACOLS
    Becky Clark recently posted…PANCAKES – The perfect Friday treatMy Profile

    1. It’s always true though, you’ve got to be in it to win it! So you’ve always a better chance of winning than not. I think it’s a numbers game – the more you enter, the more chance you have of winning something. Keep trying!

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