Why I Don’t Like Valentine’s Day (it’s not what you think!)

No, I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. I’ve waited until today to share this revelation however, as I didn’t ‘t want to spoil it for all you lovers out there! There is some romance in this old soul!

Nope, the reason is not because I’m single or feeling unloved. It isn’t because I hate slushy sentimentality. I’m a sucker for it actually, a real girly hearts and flowers kind of girl. It isn’t even that I resent the commercialism (although I do, a bit!).

I hear all the arguments about not needing a particular day to show your love for your partner, and I get that too, but there again I don’t have a problem with special days for any reason. Why not get swept along with the idea? It’s fun, it’s sweet, and card companies need something to keep them going between Christmas and Mother’s Day.

No, my problem with Valentine’s Day is a little more personal – I just find it really hard to get Valentine’s day right!

I failed again this year. I knew I would. Every year we agree not to bother, or to get ‘just a card’, or ‘just a little something ‘, but whatever I do it’s never quite right. This year we were away skiing, so I got him some lovely merino wool base layers, plus ski socks and a neck warmer from the kids. Not romantic, but thoughtful and practical.

What did he get for me? A pretty little eternity ring, a diamond crossover, presented from the kids. Toby even went down on one knee to give me it! They said it symbolises my two boys, and that they will always be mine, for eternity. I cried. Of course!

My husband is so good at this stuff. Although to be fair he always breaks the rules! Whenever we agree to not bother, he always does. Or he’ll tell me not to worry or do anything fancy, when he’s been planning something for weeks. I know this already, but I’m still always unprepared. I should know better. I DO know better! But I still find it really hard.

The truth is I love my man so much that I just can’t find the right gift to show it. Or maybe I could, but I certainly couldn’t afford it! Plus, he’s not really the sentimental kind (unlike me!), so a lot of things would just get me laughed out of the room, if I was dumb enough to buy them in the first place. Men are so hard to buy for at the best of times, but when you’re trying to reflect your complete respect and utter adoration for someone, and do it in a non-sentimental and relatively inexpensive way, the task becomes nearly impossible.

So that’s why I don’t like Valentine’s Day. The pressure is too great. Ok, it’s self-imposed pressure, but that’s even worse! I’m doomed to fail, because I love my man more than any pink heart or red flower can convey. Next year I’ll be more organised. I’ll read more gift guides and Pinterest posts. But for this year I still don’t like Valentine’s Day because I failed again!

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  1. There is a bit of pressure but I’m sure anything you get him will show love and if not then a kiss and a cosy evening with a film perhaps?

    1. It always is Rachel, the pressure is all on myself x

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