Dad’s Musings Before The Big Ski Trip

The kids will have some responsibility for their luggage

Here’s what I thought before we took a ski trip with a difference. We’re back now, but I’m not letting on how it went just yet. I want you to read this first!!
It’s almost half term, the big trip to the USA beckons, and still not a bag packed. One of these years we’ll be organised, everything will be ready a week or two in advance and all we’ll have to worry about before the big push is how early in the day is too early for an alcoholic imbibement to get into the holiday spirit!

Bags packed and ready to go on a special ski trip!
Bags packed and ready to go!

This year we’re taking a break from the Alps and heading for New England and some Dad and lads skiing Stateside, as well as some well-earned r&r for Mum as she recovers from some serious back trouble. We’re not quite sure how this is going to pan out to be completely honest.

We’ve been utterly spoilt for the past few seasons, having holidayed with specialist family companies. They really are superb at what they do, for instance we holidayed with Esprit last year in Austria, and they made the whole week an absolute pleasure. The boys were looked after from just after breakfast, right through ’til late, and had great fun with various activities and clubs based around their ski lessons. The biggest lesson being, if they’re having fun, you’ll have fun too.

Toby’s ski lessons finished for the day

This year is different. There are no kids clubs planned, the boys will be with one or both of us 24/7. I think it will be OK as they’re older now and much more accomplished and ‘into’ their skiing. We’ll see. The biggest worry that I have is the journey. The boys do have a tendency (like most boys of a certain age) to be silly when in each other’s company, so how to keep them occupied? These days it is electronic gadgetry that we rely on, but it’s good for the brain (and the eyes) to have some additional armaments, including a good book, actual games (rather than virtual ones), and something artistic to keep them occupied.

Giving them an item that they’re personally responsible for is a good idea too. For instance, there’s no way Mum will be able to transport anything apart from herself (and even that is a worry!). So I’m planning on them each being responsible for a luggage item. Carrying some documents is another, although I will make sure we have duplicates, just in case…

The kids will have some responsibility for their luggage
The kids will have some responsibility for their luggage

So, with some apprehension, I’m looking forward to this year’s ski trip. It will be different, but it will be great to ski for the first time with the boys. We’ll keep you posted. I’m pretty sure though that we’ll be back with a specialist family company next season!
Now, back to packing for this ski trip.

Packing for the ski trip
Packing for the ski trip

Goodness me, those salopettes have really shrunk quite badly since last year…

Would you like to save this for later?

We're planning and packing for our big ski trip to the USA. Read about it here.
Planning our ski trip

16 Replies to “Dad’s Musings Before The Big Ski Trip”

  1. I would love to go skiing in New England! I am very jealous x

    1. Oh, if we’d known Emma, we could have taken you…. 😉

  2. God it’s been so many years since I’ve gone skiing. It’s far too expensive these days and following a nasty ankle and heel break a few years ago I darent do it again x

    1. I don’t ski Rachel, but the boys love it so much we always try to find a way if we can.

  3. Wow, New England is on my list of places to visit too. Sarah #FabFridayPost
    Sarah Stockley recently posted…Tinyme reviewsMy Profile

    1. We love it there, it’s a very special place x

  4. I’ve never been skiing but it looks amazing. New England will be incredible too xx

    1. I don’t ski either Naomi, but this is my best trip yet while the boys ski and I can still have fun! New England is awesome!

  5. Love skiing in the States, I’m sure the kids will love all that powder! I hope you had a fantastic time! We’re going in a couple of weeks to Morzine, can’t wait! For now we’re having to make do with practicing on our local dry slope! #wanderlustkids
    Welsh Cakes and Wellies recently posted…Ski Saturday – Cardiff Ski and Snowboard CentreMy Profile

    1. It’s the first time they’ve done it – it was an amazing experience. Your trip sounds fab – have a great time!

  6. I have never been skiing before in my entire life! I dream would be to go on a skiing trip as a family one day. The holiday with Esprit last year in Austria sound really good and I have pinned it. I look forward to hear all about your trip to USA. Goosh! You are so organised! Thank you again for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost My apology for that it took so long for me to comment. Please forgive me. xx
    Su {Ethan & Evelyn} recently posted…#FabFridayPost February Round UpMy Profile

  7. I’m really intrigued to know how it went. We’ve never been skiing but I’m sure we will at some stage once BattleKid is older. Thanks for linking up with my first #wanderlustkids. Hope to see more from you!

    1. You will hear soon – if Dad ever gets round to writing it!!

  8. RachelSwirl says: Reply

    Thanks for joining in with #TuesdayTreasures.

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