Tasty Dog Food For Your Faithful Friend

Patiently waiting for her new dog food

It’s Crufts week everyone! My little Labradoodle and I are enjoying watching all the fine dogs on display. So I thought it was a good time to tell you about our new dog food…

Choosing dog food can be almost as complicated as feeding your kids these days. There are so many choices available – wet food, complete dry food, mixer, raw…. so complicated!

When we first got Daphne, we stuck with the food the breeder had been feeding her, but we soon found out there was a huge variety of choice out there. Just step into any pet food store or even supermarket, and the range is ovewhelming.

Thankfully, the helpful people at Tails.com stepped in to help us out! They custom blend their complete dog food to your requirements, all worked out based on the size and type of dog, and their activity levels. They even take into consideration your dog’s favourite flavours! The tailor made dog food is then delivered to your door every month in the perfect quantity so that you never run out.

All of our personalised dog food products from Tails.com
Our personalised products from Tails.com

When I first saw the offer online, I thought that such a special service and delivery would be costly, but I was pleasantly surprised. All prices are different, depending on the type of food and quantity required for your dog’s specific needs. For us it was no more expensive than the type of food Daphne was eating before. Tails.com say that this is because you cut out the middleman, buying directly from the manufacturer.

Daphne and her new dog food
Daphne and her new dog food

Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so what did our little Daphne Doodle think of her new dog food? Well, we followed the very informative guidelines, and introduced the new food slowly, mixing with her current food. Tails.com supply a handy little scoop which folds down to your required size, and they tell you exactly how much to use which is really reassuring.

Daphne was so excited to have some new food to try, and we also got her a tray of the wet food, which comes in delicious sounding flavours such as ‘Fisherman’s Pate with Salmon and Peas’, and ‘Hearty Casserole With Pasta & Carrots’. The wet food worked out slightly more expensive per tray than the pouches she was having, but they were bigger. Most importantly, Daphne went absolutely wild for them!

Patiently waiting for her new dog food
Patiently waiting for her new dog food

She was very keen on the dry food too, we had no problems changing her over at all. In fact, she’s eating much better now, and she literally runs into the utility room when she knows her food is ready!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tails.com. Everything from the service to the quality of the food has really impressed me. The uniquely designed menu, and the fact that everything is labelled with Daphne’s name are a lovely personal touch. It is also a great reminder that this is all tailor made for her.

Daphne's own tailor made dog food
Daphne’s own tailor made dog food

Would you like a free 2-week trial of Tails.com food, with only £1 for delivery? We have a special code for you! Just head to their website at www.tails.com and enter the code FAMILYMAKES.

If you would like to see further opinions, check out the reviews on Trust Pilot at https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/tails.com

Disclosure: we were sent some custom made dry food from Tails.com for this review, but all opinions are honest and our own (or our dog’s own!)

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Tasty Dog Food For Your Faithful Friend, custom made from Tails.com
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14 Replies to “Tasty Dog Food For Your Faithful Friend”

  1. That’s a great idea – I like how they suggest you introduce the food gradually using a little scoop!
    Lauretta @ Home and Horizon recently posted…9 Unique Family Easter Breaks Around The WorldMy Profile

  2. Sue Stoddart says: Reply

    Aw we got sent some of the dry food before to trial and unfortunately Lily didn’t like it.. purely because she’s used to ‘wet’ food! I think it’s amazing though and I love the measuring scoop.. and how it’s tailored to your dog! I would also recommend it too! Love the pesonalised touch, and it is reasonably priced! x x

    1. We always mix the wet food with the dry after soaking it with hot water. Works a treat! Especially with this new wet food which she LOVES!

  3. This sounds like really good dog food and how brilliant that it is all tailor made! I also love your dog, just adorable 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you Emma. We rather like her too xx

  4. Your dog is so adorable! I love the poodle crosses – I’d love to have one of my own one day! This sounds like great dog food. Lucky Daphne to have tailor made food! x
    Rosie Little Fish recently posted…Little Moments: Being Brave and Girl TimeMy Profile

    1. I know, she’s a lucky girl!!

  5. Oh my goodness, look at that little face! So adorable. Our dog Doc isn’t picky either when it comes to food. I’m sure he’ll love this too 🙂 #animaltales

  6. What a great idea. Daphne is wonderful, and sitting there so patiently too. My cats would have been shredding the packet!

    1. Lol cats are so funny! Mine just shouts at me!!

  7. Bob eats dry food from the supermarket and occasional tins of meat, we tried all the other foods, but he just wasn’t interested. we’ve maintained a healthy weight for him, his coat is in good condition and vet says he’s a very healthy dog

    1. Bob sounds like a boy who knows what he wants!

  8. I really like this dog food for my two beautiful dogs very look healthy and good. Thanks you so much.
    The Pets Point recently posted…9 Best Pet First Aid Kits & Emergency Guides under $100My Profile

  9. Hello, great post there. To begin with, Daphne is such a cute furry bundle. I have been thinking of trying out Tails for my own Shih Tzu but, I was looking for reviews about them. Thank you for this write-up. I hope when we do the switch, my dog loves her food just like Daphne. Cheers.

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