Sugar Smart Challenge Week 3 – Product Swaps

Some of our low sugar alternative products we tried on the Sugar Smart challenge

Our Sugar Smart challenge reached week 3! (Week 1 and week 2 are here if you want to catch up). This week, we had to buy five low-sugar products that we hadn’t tried before.

Of course we had been spoiled with the great products we had been given in the hamper from Kallikids already, but there were plenty more to choose from. We went for a range providing lower sugar options or sugar substitutes, but we also tried to find entirely different snack options to change the way we eat, rather than just substitute sugar for an artificial sweetener.

Here are some of the products we tried:

Some of our low sugar alternative products we tried on the Sugar Smart challenge
Sugar Smart low sugar products (excuse the packing in the background!)

The Fruit Shoot was popular! We don’t usually buy things like this unless we’re out for the day or something, but Hugo and Paul were going on a trip to Cambridge, so it was a good opportunity. They were equally as popular as any higher sugar type of option, and it’s good to know we have a go-to drink for if we’re out eating at a pub or similar place.

The gluten free crispbreads were ok, but for me it depends what you put on them! I had them with pate for lunch, and I think it would also be good with the delicious Sweet Freedom chocolate spread from our hamper.

The Tesco Goodness cereal bars were really good. Compared to some of our usual choices which can have 1/3 sugar or more, I was really pleased with these. It is hard to find healthy snacks for children, and I always thought I was giving my children something good with cereal bars instead of KitKats or Penguin biscuits! But it seems a lot of them are almost as bad when it comes to sugar content. These Go Ahead yoghurt covered bars are almost 40% sugar! Switching to the non-yoghurt version saved 1.6g of sugar per bar (but is still 26% sugar per bar!).

Go Ahead bars with different sugar options
Go Ahead bars (Sorry for the tear, kids couldn’t wait!)

The Nairns stem ginger oat biscuits were bought to substitute the usual oat biscuits Paul eats. They are advertised as 40% less sugar, and actually have only 1.7g of sugar per biscuit, or 17% . Paul is still finishing off his old biscuits, but for the sake of science, he has kindly tried one for us, and reports that they are very thin, and more like an oatcake than a biscuit, but taste ok, nice and gingery!

The Greek style yoghurts have yet to be eaten. We tried one set in our smoothies last week, but the other set are awaiting approval (mostly due to the fact that Paul also bought some Muller corner yoghurts with chocolate balls – which do you think the kids would use first?!)

We also bought some Cathedral City cheese and mini toasts in a snack pack. It’s quite an expensive way of doing it, but to try and encourage supper time snacks away from the sweeter type, they were worth a try (and were on offer in Tesco!). They would also be great for packed lunches at school.

If you are interested in our shopping and meal planning, you can watch our YouTube shopping videos.

Week four of the Sugar Smart challenge is to collect and share ideas about reducing sugar in our diets – can you help? 

Tell us your top tips for keeping sugar down in the family. Do you think sugar is a problem in your family? Have you tried to reduce sugar, and if so, how? By trying lower sugar alternatives of big brands, or by completely changing the way your family eats? Please let us know here or via social media.

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Pin these Sugar Smart Product Swaps to help you remember

7 Replies to “Sugar Smart Challenge Week 3 – Product Swaps”

  1. Oh my goodness 40% sugar for those yoghurt covered bars – eeeeks! This is something that I need to be aware of. I get these bars in as a healthy go to snack and actually they aren’t always that healthy!

    1. I know, I was really surprised too. This week I’ve bought Pain Au Chocolat which is actually much less sugar!

  2. This post is an eye opener to me. I never paid attention to percentage of sugar in a product. But when I read your blog I figured out that I was making terrible choices when it comes to chocolates, oats or biscuits. Thanks for the awareness. I will definitely rectify my mistake this weekend and use your recommendations while shopping.

  3. My boys love the sugar free flavoured water. Like you I’m no too keen on those artificial sweetness but if it stops them drinking sugary drinks I’might all for it.
    Alan Herbert recently posted…A Sunday Photo 11My Profile

    1. It’s really difficult to get a good balance isn’t it? But at least we’re trying!

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  5. […] Our Sugar Smart Challenge for week 4 is to gather as many suggestions as possible from everyone we can, to compile ideas for being sugar smart as a family. (weeks 1, 2 & 3 are here) […]

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