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Tidal Wave Magnetic Thinking Putty

This month, Wicked Uncle are having a craft and creativity related month. Never heard of Wicked Uncle? They are a really fun, cool online site where you can find some trendy and unusual gifts for kids. They make it really easy, giving you a choice of categories and age groups, and are very good at making it all mega easy, even offering gift wrapping and direct delivery!

I had a flick through the site without the kids, and could have chosen so many things I thought they would like. Once they got their hands on it though, they were fairly insistent almost immediately that they had to have the Thinking Putty. I wasn’t so sure it would be a good idea, but I went with it as they seemed so keen. They also really wanted to try the Stik Bots, and being into technology and stop-motion filming, I knew they would enjoy these. Finally, I also had my arm twisted to get a chocolate moulding kit of London.

Now, these aren’t necessarily my idea of ‘creativity’ in its traditional form, but I went with it to see how it all turned out. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The Thinking Putty, both magnetic and glow versions, have been a massive hit. The boys have been absolutely fascinated by them and have played creatively and imaginatively for ages with them. Perhaps it is the instant nature of the putty, that you can just open it up and get on with it without any preparation or set-up. Or perhaps it is a slightly more grown-up version of playdough?

Hugo with the Magnetic Thinking Putty from Wicked Uncle
Hugo with Thinking Putty

Here is what Toby thought of it, in his own words:

“We bought two ‘Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty’ because they all had different special features, but all had five in common – bouncing, stretching, tearing, popping and sculpting. Furthermore, Hugo and I thought the way they could be used was fantastic. It intrigued us into buying the putty.”

Toby with the Phantoms Foxfire Thinking Putty from Wicked Uncle
Toby with Thinking Putty
  • Super Magnetic Tidal Wave

“I think that this one is overall the best putty because it has more features than the Phantom Foxfire. Also, inside it the Super Magnetic Tidal Wave has really tiny magnets and if you put the included magnet on it and hold it for at least 5 seconds then take it off, it will be just like a magnet.”

  • Phantoms FoxFire

“One of the Phantom FoxFire’s features is it’s reaction to light (overall it’s quite light based). When you shine the UV light included on the putty it is just like drawing on it with a pen! The Phantom FoxFire also has another special feature, if you take it into the sunlight and stay there for about thirty-sixty seconds, then bring it back inside, it changes colour. It also glows in the dark!”

We will add our review of the other products separately, as they were so good that they warrant a separate review. The final word on the putty though, is a big thumbs up. It captured and kept the kids’ interest much longer than I expected, and is also a good STEAM activity as well as being very creative and tactile. A real winner here!

Hugo stretching the Thinking Putty
Hugo stretching the Thinking Putty

Disclaimer: We were given our choice of creative products from the Wicked Uncle website for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are completely honest, unbiased, and entirely our own.

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Wicked Uncle Crafty Thinking Putty - magnetic or glow in the dark craft putty for clever kids
Wicked Uncle Crafty Thinking Putty – pin for later

8 Replies to “Our Wicked Uncle Crafty Picks”

  1. Wow, they look like really great creative toys but not messy which is a big win in my book! We love Wicked Uncle as they have such a great range and not just your bog standard toys x

    1. It is great, although trust me, my boys can be messy with anything!!

  2. The putty looks amazing! I know what you mean, I’m more of an ‘arty’ creative type, but the son and hubby are creative in more of a ‘building things’ way. Little M would love this putty – especially the glow one, so clever! Never heard of this brand before, but will have to check them out. x
    Rosie @ Little Fish recently posted…Little Moments: Siblings and FriendsMy Profile

    1. I’m guilty of putting my opinions on to them I think, but now I’ve let them choose for themselves, they are having a great time with their putty (even if Toby did take it to bed to see if it really glows!)

  3. This is so neat! It can be so hard shopping for kiddos and not getting them something they already have. I’ll have to pin this and look into them next time the kiddos have a birthday party to go to.
    Anne – Just Only Home recently posted…Home Made Flour TortillasMy Profile

    1. Great, thanks Anne

  4. This looks like great fun! Thanks so much for sharing this with the #TuesdayTreasures linky.

  5. […] started our stop-motion journey with Stikbots. We firstly chose a small set of two figures from Wicked Uncle. Our boys loved the idea of them, as they are poseable and come with their own free downloadable […]

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