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Meccano Motorcycles Looks Like A pretty Cool Toy

Well, we’re into making things, so having a go at Meccano was a natural choice for us!

We have here the Meccano Motorcycles 5 in 1 kit, which looks pretty cool for my two boys, doesn’t it?

Meccano Motorcycles Looks Like A pretty Cool Toy
Looks like a pretty cool toy

It started very well – the kit gives an option of which bike to make. The final one was chosen by Toby, and we opened everything up. There are lots of little packets of fairly small parts, plus a very comprehensive instruction booklet.

Do we think he's taking it seriously?! Lots of little packets in this Meccano kit
Do we think he’s taking it seriously?!

I really appreciated this, it even gives the actual size of each screw to make sure you get it right. It looks along the lines of a Lego instruction book, but any other similarities I might have drawn would soon be proven wrong. Being a lego lover doesn’t necessarily mean you will get on well with Meccano, it is quite a different beast!

My eldest, who is 10, is a long-term Lego fan but declined to take part in this from an early stage. He lost patience very easily – the parts were just too fiddly for him. Toby, who is 8, was also finding it hard, but was more keen to continue.

Ripping open the packets of Meccano parts
Ripping open the packets of Meccano

We began making a video, but here’s what happened: A few things went wrong for him, and he too, quit in frustration! I managed to convince him to come back and try again, giving him some tips about how to hold the tools and helping him along the way, and he fared a bit better.

Meccano in progress
Meccano in progress

He left it for a while, and I did a bit for him, then he came back and did some more himself, then I had to take over again. He did get excited when he saw it all taking shape, and wanted to be the one to complete the wheels and make it into a proper bike.

Meccano bike almost ready for wheels
Meccano bike almost ready for wheels

The finished result was very impressive, and we felt very proud to have persevered to completion. Actually we had to, if we wanted to eat dinner at the table again!

Completed meccano motorcycle
Completed meccano motorcycle

I think our take-home message about this kit would be that it is possible, but it takes a lot of patience and will almost certainly take some parental involvement for younger children especially. Be prepared for some frustrations along the way though!

Also, be prepared for quite a few bits left over! Oops, I hope we didn’t leave out anything important!! (I’m sure this is just because there are other options, which maybe use a few more parts!)

Meccano Motorcycle and some bits left over!
Meccano Motorcycle and some bits left over!

Disclaimer: We were sent this set to review, but all opinions are entirely honest and our own.

The Meccano 5 in 1 Motorcycle kit retails at approx. £12.99 (affiliate)

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How to put together the Meccano Motorbike - here's how we made it at Family Makes! It was a team effort between kids and parents!
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