MOKURU Fidget Stick – The Next Big Fidget?

Fidget Toys - Fidget Stick, spinner and cube

My boys love the fidget phase – they have really enjoyed collecting a whole array of fidget spinners, and Hugo, the one who really needs to fidget, loves the fidget cube too. Always looking for the next big thing though, we were really keen to try out the MOKURU fidget stick, the latest craze from Japan…

Mokuru Fidget Stick
MOKURU Fidget Stick

The MOKURU fidget stick looks like a very simple device. It is a smooth stick crafted from beech wood, with rubber at each end. It has a nice, comfortable hand feel, and a slight air of mystery about it, I think! The stick was originally designed to test an individual’s balance and focus, but now is testing the dexterity of fast fingers everywhere! MOKURU experts can use five at one time in one hand!!

Looking at the fidget stick, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it, but the boys seemed to know straight away. You stand it up on its end, and flick it forwards gently from the top with one finger, and then the magic happens…



What’s your record??

You could also spin the stick, as it has a rounded middle, so it’s like a slightly elongated barrel. So, lying flat on the table, it could be twisted in a star type motion.

Mokuru Fidget Stick Action
MOKURU Fidget Stick Action

We could see this being a great executive, office type toy, as well as a childrens’ fidget toy. There is something strangely satisfying about it!

The fidget sticks are available in 7 different colours, and are available now from the MOKURU website. They can also be found at Smyths Toys and Amazon (affiliate link). Be careful, there are lots of fakes out there, but only MOKURU is the real one which has been designed and engineered to ensure perfect balance and is made from good quality materials.

No doubt my kids will now want one in every colour variation, just to be ahead of the game!Mokuru Fidget Stick Action

MOKURU can also be found on social media, at and on Twitter as # or @MOKURU and Instagram MOKURU_official . Go and find them and see who is having fun!

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MOKURU Fidget Stick - the next big fidget!? Come and see how itt's done...
MOKURU Fidget Stick – the next big fidget!

6 Replies to “MOKURU Fidget Stick – The Next Big Fidget?”

  1. Haven’t heard of the fidget stick – best not show my kids – it drives VIP insane – especially when teaching! He was glad when they banned them from school but Nadja’s school (Juniors) still allows them – she has 4 fidget spinners!

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      At least it’s the school holidays now (or soon!). This might be a good playtime activity to do in the playground, then put away at lesson time. That’s what I’d be telling the kids if I was a teacher anyway!

  2. Oooh I think this fidget stick might be the next big thing like the company says. It looks quite addictive Your two are so good in front of the camera!

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Thanks Emma, thhey watch so much YouTube it probably comes naturally!

  3. Oh this looks great! This fidget phase seems to have passed me by a bit, but I think my oldest would be up for having a go with one of these. We’ll have to give them a try! x
    Rosie Little Fish recently posted…Living Arrows: 28/52 Fourth of JulyMy Profile

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Little M will be demanding the latest thing soon enough I’m sure! Be thankful you missed the ‘loom band’ craze!!

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