Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone Flying High

Airhogs Micro Race Drone

Today we’re reviewing the Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone, which was sent to us for review by the company. We are ages nine and ten (nearly eleven!), and are the ideal ages for this drone, which is aimed at age 8+. We are also big lovers of gadgets and electronic toys, so it was ideal for us.

Airhogs Micro Race Drone in packaging with instructions
Airhogs Micro Race Drone in packaging

A few months ago I bought myself a drone with my pocket money which I had saved up, and I took it out to fly on the field next to our house. Unfortunately, it was a bit windy, and the drone took off and flew over some houses and landed in a garden nearby. We knocked on the doors of all the houses and searched their gardens, but we never found it. I was really disappointed, and a bit worried about having another one.

This Airhogs drone, however, is something different. It is a micro drone, so very small and light. The first advantage of this is that we were allowed to play with it indoors. It really couldn’t cause too much damage, even with us flying it! The packaging actually suggests it as an indoor drone. I’m sure it could knock over a glass or something if you were careless, but it wouldn’t smash a window or anything!

Airhogs Micro Race Drone in hand to show size
Airhogs Micro Race Drone in hand to show size

The second advantage is that this drone is very easy to control. It has beginner and advanced settings, so you can get used to controlling it in an easy mode. It also has auto take off and land, which really helps. The speed of the drone is very manageable, it doesn’t tend to go zooming off out of control. With a little practice, we were both able to make it fly over and under the beams on our kitchen ceiling! OK, I may have got is stuck on the beam once, and had to climb on the kitchen table to get it down. Shhhhhh don’t tell my Dad!

The drone is so much fun. We could make it do some flips and dives. It was great to challenge each other and we played with it for ages. We are also going to use it to do some computer animations with.

Airhogs Micro Race Drone what's in the box
Airhogs Micro Race Drone what’s in the box

Take a look at the video we made to see it in action, and hear us talking about what we love about the Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone.

I hope you get one in your Christmas stocking because they are really cool. I bet this will be on the Top Toys list this Christmas!

The Airhogs Micro Race Drone retails at around £40. You can find it here (affiliate link)

Disclaimer: We were sent the Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone for review. As always, all opinions are entirely honest, independent and our own.

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Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone Review by real kids!
Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone Review

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  1. This looks great, my son would love it! X
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    1. Mine do too! It’s great fun.

  2. This drone looks really really cool. My son would love it.

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