Friday Night is Newcastle Eagles Night!

The action never stops at Newcaastle Eagles basketball at Sports Central, Newcastle Northumbria University

We are having such a great time getting out and about at the moment! On Friday night we were invited as guests of Northern Print Solutions to watch the Newcastle Eagles Basketball team play. Northern Print Solutions are one of the sponsors of the team, who play from Sports Central at Newcastle Northumbria University.

We are neither regular basketball fans nor Newcastle locals, so this was a big trip for us! The boys are very sporty, but football and skiing are their usual sports, so this was a whole new ball game, as they say!

It seems like Friday night at the Newcastle Eagles is a big deal, and why wouldn’t it be? Even I know that the Newcastle Eagles are the most successful basketball team ever! So thank you, Northern Print Solutions for giving us the opportunity to experience this great treat!

Great view from the balcony at the Eagles Basketball game
Great view at the Eagles Basketball game

The events at Newcastle Eagles are very family-focussed, and really good fun. It is such an entertaining night out. There is noise and lively commentary throughout, with the Eagles mascot and Pac Man making an appearance, plus games during the breaks and even a competition for the kids at half time. Plus there’s a ‘chuck a duck’ contest too! There is also the obligatory hot dog to be purchased of course!

Newcastle Eagles Mascots, Cheerleaders and 'Chuck a Duck'
Mascots, Cheerleaders and ‘Chuck a Duck’


Newcastle Eagles Basketball Hotdog
The obligatory hotdog!


Newcastle Eagles Basketball Hotdog
Big brother showing how to eat the hotdog!

The game itself is so fast-paced, there is never a dull moment. It didn’t take us long to be joining in with the songs, chants and claps. We found it was a great atmosphere. The game was really tight, it had us on the edge of our seats as the Eagles were behind and then tied in the 4th Quarter, although they pulled it back to win in the end! Phew! We were really behind them!

As for the rules, well we didn’t have much of a clue even though we had googled them beforehand! Luckily there is a leaflet at the game provided by Northern Print Solutions with a summary to help you follow along. So just in case you’re thinking of going to one of the Eagles games (and we really think you should, it’s something everyone should experience at least once!),

here is a summary of the rules of basketball to help you:

  • The game consists of four quarters of 10 minutes each, with a 15-minute half time break
  • Teams have 12 players, but only 5 can play on court at any time. Teams can substitute players whenever they like, when there is a break in play.
  • There are three referees.
  • The game is based on offence and defence. The offence have 24 seconds to take a shot, and only 8 of those to get the ball over the half way line.
  • Shots scored from outside the 3-point line earn 3 points.
  • Shots scored inside the three point arc earn 2 points.
  • Players are only allowed to foul 5 times. After that they are disqualified from play.
  • If a player is fouled whilst shooting, he will go to the free-throw line for two shots, or a bonus shot if his original shot scored.
  • The ball must not be carried. Players dribble the ball and pass to teammates. If the ball is carried it is  ‘travel’. If a player dribbles, stops, and starts again this is a ‘double-dribble’, and the referee will give the ball to the opposing team.
  • In the event of a tie, 5 minute overtime periods are played until a winner is found.

The action never stops at Newcaastle Eagles basketball at Sports Central, Newcastle Northumbria UniversityThe action never stops!

So now you know all of that, get yourself along and support your local team. It’s a really great fun sport, and it may just motivate the kids (and also you) to have a go!

Pin these rules to help you remember!

Rules of Basketball with Newcastle Eagles
Rules of Basketball with Newcastle Eagles

A final thanks to Northern Print Solutions for allowing us to attend this game. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

9 Replies to “Friday Night is Newcastle Eagles Night!”

  1. I love watching basketball. It’s so fast. Lots of action. Looks like a lovely night out. It’s not big here but I played in school.
    Sinead ( recently posted…The Ultimate Mama Merch Round-UpMy Profile

    1. It’s a shame it’s not more popular – it was a great sport to watch and I’m sure it is to play too.

  2. This looks like such a fun night. Basketball is really big in the states, I think it’s more fun to watch than soccer personally! x

    1. It’s much more fast paced isn’t it?

  3. Oh my goodness I would have loved to have gone, I love basketball. Those hot dogs are huge.
    Kelly-Anne Combes recently posted…THE BABY FEEDING SERIES WITH SHINNERS AND THE BROODMy Profile

    1. Oh do you? I’d never been to a game before but we loved it!

    2. Oh yes, my boys love a hotdog!!

  4. I have always wanted to go and watch a basketball match! I once went to a football match with Mr C. He managed to persuade me that I should go as I was told that you had a pie and pint and half-time! I still need to watch a basketball game though!

    1. It’s much faastter paced than football (and I like football!) – warmer too as it’s indoors!

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