Making Memories To Keep With Hello Canvas

Hello Canvas Photo On Wood

It will be no news to anyone who has read our blog that we are all about Making Memories! It’s even in our logo! So when Hello Canvas got in touch to ask if we’d like to preserve some of our memories with one of their products, there was only ever going to be one dilemma – which of our precious memories to choose!

No, I tell a lie, there were two dilemmas, the second was which of the Hello Canvas products we would choose. That’s because Hello Canvas isn’t just about canvas – oh no. Take a look at this baby!

Hello Canvas Photo On Wood, hanging on an exposed stone wall in my kitchen
Hello Canvas Photo On Wood

As well as canvas, you can choose to have your precious memories printed on wood, metal, printed and framed, or made into a floating frame. The different finishes provide so much versatility and suit so many different circumstances, there really is something for everyone.

We were tempted to choose something quite fun – there is usually at least one of us pulling a face in any family photo – but we were so taken by the rustic and chunky look of the wood panelled pictures, and knew they would fit the look of our house perfectly, so we set out to find the perfect photo to fit this style.

We have plenty of outdoors, rural style photos, that’s for sure. Cal is constantly snapping away wherever we go! Hence the difficult choice! The great thing about the Hello Canvas website is that you can upload your images and ‘try them out’ in the different styles and finishes to see how the final product will look. That’s exactly what we did, and it helped us settle on our final choice.

Hello Canvas Photo On Wood
A special place for us

It’s not the most artistic of shots, and photography experts would criticise that my ‘subjects’ are squinting into the sun, but we don’t really mind. It’s a rare photo of Cal and the boys, and it is taken at a beach local to us, so it has a special significance showing the place where we’ve moved to and where we’ve chosen to settle and bring up our family. It’s also a gorgeous bay where we love spending time, so what could be better?

In situ on the stone wall at the end of our kitchen
In situ on the stone wall at the end of our kitchen

Hugo chose where the finished picture should go, and we think it’s just perfect. The rustic wood finish sits perfectly against the rugged exposed stone of the wall, and this space needed something large and impactful such as this print. We love the fact that, as you get close up to the print, you can see the grain of the wood through the picture. It really adds to the overall effect. It’s also a lovely, heavy and high quality chunky wood. It feels such good quality, and we’re delighted with it.

Showing the grain of the wood behind the picture
Showing the grain of the wood behind the picture

So, over to you – we all have so many lovely photos sitting on our phones and computers, which would you choose to have made into a large print? And what kind of finish would suit your home? At this time of year we’re all trying to think of unusual gifts for our loved ones, how about something like this?

Disclosure: We were gifted our choice of picture from Hello Canvas, but all opinions are entirely honest and our own

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Making memories to keep with Hello Canvas

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  1. Lovely picture, and printed onto wood it really suits the surroundings. Great idea.

  2. Beautiful! Ive never seem this done before. What a stunning picture for you all to treasure.

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Thank you, we’re really pleased with it

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