What Can You Get in the Sale at B&M?

Shopping for bargains in the January Sales at B&M Stores

I must admit I’m a total bargain lover, so I do tend to frequent B&M quite regularly. We have a good sized store in our nearest town, with a decent sized car park beside it too, which is handy. So, freshly home from America, we were delighted to have £20 of vouchers waiting for us from B&M Stores to choose some bargains in the January sale.

Shopping for bargains in the January Sales
Sale shopping

Of course, these days, January sales rarely start in January do they? Many of them even start before Christmas! So I wasn’t sure what I might get, but I’d checked out the B&M Stores website beforehand so I had a few ideas!

I took Toby, my youngest, with me, which I’m not sure is a good or bad idea! It certainly influenced my purchases in a certain way! Always more spent on the kids than on myself, shall we say? Sound familiar?

Anyway, rather than ramble on, I’ve made a video to show you my bargain haul (so you can watch me ramble on rather than read it lol!)

What I will tell you is that two days later I returned and managed to spend another £40. Not as good as my sister though who is going to be crowned the bargain-seeking queen! She went to B&M today and managed to get a massive haul of Christmas decorations and products, many of which were down to 10p, and a 5 ft fibre optic Christmas tree for £1!! Now that’s what I call a bargain!

Christmas Sales Shopping, January Sales bargains at B&M stores

Were you lucky enough to bag any B&M bargains? Anything as good as my 10p chocolate, or my sister’s decorations? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: We were sent £20 of vouchers by B&M to spend on sale items in order to create this post. All choices and opinions are entirely our own.

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18 Replies to “What Can You Get in the Sale at B&M?”

  1. I love b&m some great bargains to had !! Your sister sounds like she’s the queen of sales shopping xx

    1. She certainly is Caroline! I could learn a thing or two from her!

  2. Great bargains sis! It was sheer luck for us that they reduced all their Christmas bits and bobs this morning! Just glad that Ad decided to go there for paint after work and came out with approx £450 worth of stuff for approx £12 (can’t find the receipt) lol x x

    1. Brilliant bargains! You were very lucky!

  3. I love B&M! I always think you can get great discounts on cleaning products and home bits and pieces. Looks like your sister got the biggest bargain though!

    1. They are the kinds of things I tend to go for too Naomi. But yes, I’ll never top my sister’s bargains!!

  4. Ah, as you know I’m a huge fan Cal – so this is right up my street. Loving the lava lamps – bet the boys are really chuffed! The additional commentary made me laugh too!

    1. My kids – never far away (especially hen there’s a video to interrupt!)

  5. Rachael Dickinson says: Reply

    I bloody love B and M!! I love the candle/interiors aisle. The sales are soo good though!!

    Rachael xox

  6. Great post – love the lava lamps! I’ve not got a b&m near me but I see so many people getting bargains – makes me jealous ha!

  7. I really love B&M stores but I don’t have one near me! These are some really good bargains!

  8. I do love B&M and we have one very close to me and there’s a lot of things they’re great for. Great haul x

  9. I love shopping at B&M especially since you can find just about anything and everything in just one shop for some really decent prices! I should really pop into the sale since full priced item are always so easy to buy I’ll be unstoppable during the sale!


    1. It’s just too tempting!!

  10. I’ve had to wean myself off B&M as i was addicted! I’d walk in and spend £50 instantly! I admit you get a lot for £50 but I didn’t need half of it! Deffo the best shop on the high street
    Amy – All about a Mummy recently posted…18 for 2018: My Blog & Work GoalsMy Profile

    1. It’s so tempting isn’t it? I do love a bargain!

  11. Those lava lamps look amazing! I’ve never heard of B & M before – are they national? I always wish I could be one of those who could pick up bargains after Christmas and save them for the following Christmas. But I’d prob pick up things for myself instead! 😉 xx

    1. Oh yes, a bargain lover’s paradise! You’ll have to look them up Rosie x

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