The Seaside is Not Just For Summer!

Casually climbing on rocks at the beach

Ok, it’s been a while. I’m sorry. For lots of reasons we kind of lost our blogging mojo, but if you kept up with us on social media, thank you so much. From now on, our blogging is going to be less frequent, but hopefully will be a voice for good.

St. Abbs, Scottish Borders coastline panorama seaside beach rocks
St. Abbs panorama

So here I am, making a start with a Sunday photo (or few photos) for you. This was last weekend – we went to the beach and did a bit of a clean up of plastics and other rubbish while we were there. That’s going to be our first ‘voice for good’ post – watch this space! In the meantime, I give you my boys on the rocks, and my heart in my mouth! Apparently, the rocks were ‘begging to be climbed on’!! So remember, the seaside is not just for summer, and we can also do good at any time of the year too…

Small boys on big rocks at the seaside. They look so tiny, dwarfed by the huge rocks around them
Small boys on big rocks at the seaside – can you spot them among the huge rocks?
Rocks. Just begging to be climbed on!
‘Just begging to be climbed on’ apparently!
Casually climbing on rocks at the beach
Casually climbing on the rocks

13 Replies to “The Seaside is Not Just For Summer!”

  1. We love the beach in any weather! Lovely photo! #mysundayphoto

    1. Thanks Karen. We love it too!

  2. Oh we are big fans of the beach in the winter, actually I think I prefer it!

    1. It’s ok if you’re well wrapped up!

  3. These are brilliant photos, we need to visit the beach more

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Thank you Darren. This weekend was a bit too cold I must admit!

  4. Great photos. I keep meaning to do a beach clean up with my two. I must make the time to do it x

    1. You have plenty to think about right now Emma! I was thinking of going again this weekend, but I draw the line at snow!!

  5. Oh it’s stunning! I wish we lived closer to the beach (my husband doesn’t think Blackpool counts) x

    1. Lol there are lots of beaches along that coastline which are lovely i’m sure!

  6. I absolutely agree. As people who live by the sea in a part of Ireland that gets summer for all of forty five minutes annually, we’ve gotta embrace the sandy wellies!

  7. Yes, the beach is most definitely not just for summer – a woman after my own heart! Fantastic that you are promoting beach clean ups – so important. I thought of you the other day when I went out running and saw the cycle path littered with bottles – next time I am taking a bag to collect some in! xx
    Rosie @ Little Fish recently posted…Family-Friendly Travel Ideas Which Are Bound To DelightMy Profile

  8. […] did our own beach pick a few weeks ago which I was meaning to write about, but I was prompted and motivated by the screening of […]

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