The Talk Scheme – Encouraging Us All To Talk More

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The Talk Scheme

The simple but brilliant Talk Scheme is something I’ve recently come across on social media. The brainchild of Hannah, a fabulous young woman using a simple idea to make a potentially huge change, her website tells her story and inspiration for the scheme:

Late January 2018, sitting in a bus station, I got chatting to an elderly woman. A widow, she travelled out twice a week to play bingo with her friends and when my bus arrived, she apologised for speaking to me. Surprised, I told her not to be silly, but this indeed got me thinking.

How about instead of letting the art of conversation die away, we bring it back? And bring it back we shall.

All with a simple accessory.

A table full of the Talk Scheme pin badges ready to be sent out
The Talk Scheme pin badges

Wearing your badge will not only promote talking in general but as word spreads, should help show that wherever you are, no matter the look you may wear upon your face, you are willing and open to hold a conversation with a stranger. Likewise, if you’re someone who often finds themselves out and about alone, the badge should do it’s job and encourage others to strike a chat with you!

From each sale, 20p will go back to a charity linked to the work this scheme encourages. Periodically, this will change and right now it’s AgeUK.

Badges are £1.50 each, 50p extra for postage, please email to purchase through PayPal, direct bank transfer or for any more information. Alternatively message us on any of our social medias – @thetalkscheme on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Buy It. Wear It. Speak It.

Talk Scheme pin badge being worn
The Talk Scheme pin badge

Local businesses are already getting behind this scheme. It will surely only be good for their business and their customers too. Look out for an article is Aspire magazine in May too.

Friendliness costs nothing. You might even try giving a compliment, make someone feel good about themselves. You will probably find it makes you feel good too.

Who knows where your conversation may lead?

Please pin this for later:

Pin to introduce you to the Talk Scheme. Click through to see how to get involved
The Talk Scheme – how you can get involved

15 Replies to “The Talk Scheme – Encouraging Us All To Talk More”

  1. I love the idea of this – I’d be up for wearing the talk badge and having a good old chat with people when I’m out and about. I love the idea of community – FAB idea!

    1. That’s great to know Lauretta, although I should have guessed someone as lovely and friendly as you are would be happy to be involved!

  2. That’s a really nice scheme. It can be difficult to know who is okay with random conversation.. personally I don’t like it.. but it’s good for other people who do like to have random chats, to identify those who don’t mind it.

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      That’s a good point. Also, we might be in the mood for a chat sometimes, and others want to be alone with our thoughts.

  3. This is a fantastic idea. I am one of those people who will talk to anyone on the train or wherever! But I wan’t always like that. I think sometimes things just have to become habit. This would be a great prompt to get people talking to each other. x
    Rosie Little Fish recently posted…Book Character Painted Rock CraftMy Profile

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Once I get talking I enjoy it, but I’m often shy to make the first move. I agree the badges are a great prompt.

  4. I love this and I love to talking to anyone ….whether I know them or not I’m happy to chat xxx conversation is great and if it helps someone get through their day I’m up for that xx

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      Me too, I always think it’s nice to be nice! It helps me get through the day too!

  5. Oh this is such a fantastic idea, but I totally understand what Hannah was saying tho. I think as society we have forgot social skills. What’s great way to spread the word.
    Kelly-Anne recently posted…Moments To Remember – Our First Snow DayMy Profile

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      It’s a hard balance I think, as we tell our kids not to speak to strangers, but as we get older we actually want more social contact!

  6. What a great idea. Now we live in a more rural area, people are friendly – and it helps having the children too, as they will talk to anyone! But when I lived in the city, I can see how it is easy to get very isolated.

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      I live rurally and I must admit I’ve felt quite lonely, but that’s because I don’t have a village ‘centre’ or walk my kids to school. It’s therefore lovely when someone does take time to chat!

  7. Oh I love this idea. We all need to make more time to talk to more people. When I first moved to Jersey I used to go and do a food shop just so I could force the checkout ladies and men to talk to me!
    Emma recently posted…Stay With Me By Ayòbámi Adébáyò’: Book ReviewMy Profile

    1. Familymakes says: Reply

      It’s really hard to meet people in a new place isn’t it? Especially if people don’t talk!

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