My Could-Do List for May

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My apologies in advance that you haven’t seen anything from me since I wrote my could-do list for April,  and thank you to those of you who shared your own ideas for a could do list. Keep them coming! If you keep up with me on social media you’ll see that I’ve been doing my best to keep you up to date that way, especially via Instagram with the challenges of #MyHouseThisMonth and also last month with #MyPrelovedHome.

Don’t know what a could-do list is?

Well, encouraged by the slow living inspired ‘Simple Things’ magazine, and inspired by my friend Caroline who blogs over at Carter Family 4, a could-do list is a little like a to-do list, but without the pressure! It’s more about the things you would like to do, a gentle reminder of things in a much kinder and simpler way. That’s my take on it anyway. Ideas, plans, nice things to do rather than the pressures of daily life that are included in your usual to-do lists.Could-do list for May. Enjoying the spring, travel, relaxation

So, before I give you my could-do list for May, here’s a little summary of what I managed to achieve from my could-do list in April.

  • I brought spring indoors with lovely spring flowers which really brightened the place up!

  • I de-cluttered the kids’ bedrooms and encouraged them to donate some of their things to charity
  • The boys went to the beach with their Dad and did another litter pick, although I didn’t go with them so we don’t have a photographic record of it!
  • I started a special exercise rehab class in water, which was fantastic as I felt really looked after and safe whilst doing something positive. Also, I met some lovely new people in the group!
  • I have spent more time outdoors, and met lots of fantastic people both in my new sewing group and my new exercise group.
  • I’ve done lots of talking!! That’s me! It seems I’m getting back to my old self with the new activities I’ve been doing. Of course I need to be careful to balance this with my health, but it’s going well and I’m really happy!
  • We have made some great things and learned some new skills via the fantastic social enterprise that is Re-Tweed. I’m so grateful to be part of this fabulous organisation, and it has been exactly what I needed.

On to May,

if I can possibly improve on the progress I’ve made in April! Here’s my could-do list:

  • Enjoy my spa-break prize with my lovely husband
  • Celebrate Toby’s 10th birthday
  • Have a day out in Edinburgh
  • After enjoying flowers so much, buy them more often!
  • Enjoy the sea every time I’m nearby
  • Continue to create lovely crafts
  • Plan something fun with the kids for the Bank Holiday weekend
  • Celebrate my Dad’s birthday
  • Continue with the gentle exercise programme to feel stronger
  • Enjoy the garden as the weather improves (please tell me the weather will improve!)
  • Explore our local area more and revel in its beauty.

That’s it! What do you think? Do any of these things inspire you? What would you add to your own could-do list?

I’d love it if you shared your ideas with me, here in the comments or on social media.Enjoy the scenery of this beautiful place in my could-do list for May

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  1. Yay – so excited we have the Bank Holiday to look forward to. I think I’m going to draw myself a schedule and try to stick with it! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂
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