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Where Have We Been?

Hello strangers! No, it’s we who are the strangers, of course. But where have we been all this time? I’m not vain enough to think that you’ve missed us. We were never that important. But we’ve been going through a whole lot of changes in life, and it caused us to get distracted, and also to think about a new blog direction, or indeed whether we should keep it at all.

We’re not the only ones.

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Perhaps the fact that you are reading this suggests you may be going through the same thing? Many of us start out writing about one thing, and for one reason or another, need to change direction. Maybe someone told you that you need to be more niche? I’ve never been good at that one! Maybe the subject you were writing about is no longer that interesting or appealing to you, or maybe you had a change of circumstances?

For us it was all of the above, and then some! Like many family blogs, our family grew up somewhat! Our kids were no longer that keen on making a contribution to the blog, and often reluctant to be in photos. I’ve seen many blogger friends have to diversify or seek a new blog direction for this very reason, or because they wrote about babies, toddlers, crafts for kids etc and their kids were no longer the right age for that. Has this been you? What did you do? Some people move to writing about tweens and teens, some to writing more about their own personal interests and less about their kids. Maybe travel, interiors, personal growth, crafts or hobbies?

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We’ve done that too.

I had already started writing more about my environmental interests such as plastic pollution (in our Making Things Better section), and I’m hoping to do more. We already wrote about travel (in our Making Memories section). Since we’ve had some amazing trips including two Florida holidays, I can definitely do more of that too.

Cocktails on the balcony of the cruise ship with the blue sea in the background

Another reason we’ve been quiet, apart from all our travel, is home moves. I use the plural as we not only sold up our house in France, but also left our rented house in Scotland and moved to our own place. It’s a 1970’s house, and nobody has touched it since, well, the 1970’s! So there is lots of work ongoing and it is taking up lots of our time and energy.

A 1970's house in need of renovation
Our new home, waiting for our work!

So I guess these changes in our life have naturally defined what should be our blog direction.

Our house move was a bit of an ‘escape to the country‘. We got some chickens and plan to grow our own fruit and veg, although we are complete amateurs at this! But please, join us on our messy journey of renovation and growth.

People are reading blogs to learn about other people’s real lives, see their ‘authentic journey’ so we’re told. So feel free to come along on ours. And if you are looking for a new direction for your own blog, I’d say write about you and what you love. Share your own journey and experiences. I’ve read a lot of articles and stuff about this, and that seems to be the consensus!

Finally, the other new thing about us …

Arbonne business - Do what you love slogan

…is a business we recently got involved in, called Arbonne. Now don’t all run for the hills! Network marketing, as it’s called, has had some bad press and backlash from some bloggers recently, but aren’t we all just trying to carve out our own little place on the world wide web? The way we buy things is changing beyond recognition, and this is a part of the online revolution. We did a lot of research looking for a company who were very ethical and safe, and mostly non-pushy! We didn’t want to walk around shoving brochures through people’s doors or do party-plan style presentations in people’s living rooms, so here we are. If it’s not your thing, feel free to skip that part if it comes up, but it’s part of how we hope to get by in this tough world, and how we plan to put our kids through Uni eventually! So forgive us if we give it a plug now and again – it won’t be the only thing bloggers are plugging, that’s for sure!

Happy blogging, whichever direction you take it in!

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