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All About Us

Welcome, come read about us!

We’re a fairly normal family, just keeping it real, and trying to keep it all together. We’re all about making things, and making memories, especially from travel and days out together.

We have a holiday home in France with 3 gites (find it here: and have been working hard to make it lovely for ourselves and our guests.  So we share our hints and tips, and travels in France with you here.

There are always lots of jobs to be done and things to be made or improved at home too. My lovely wife makes sure of that! I’m Paul, the practical one. Sometimes described as a Victor Meldrew character, but don’t believe a word of it! You’ll probably see my love for power tools making an appearance on our blog, as well as my love for skiing, and my love of Scotland and the countryside. We recently moved back to Scotland from the North East, to live in the Scottish Borders, and we talk a lot about local places in Northumberland and Scotland.

The Funny Faces at Family Makes!
The Funny Faces at Family Makes!

My wife Cal is the creative director of our family team.

She is really into ‘shabby chic’ and indulges her passion for vintage items and painted furniture at Chataigne as well as at home. It’s all done on a shoestring but I have to admit it often comes out looking pretty amazing!

Her passion for arts and crafts has rubbed off somewhat on our children, Hugo & Toby.  Although they are getting older now (10 & 9), they still enjoy making things. We’re pleased to be sharing them with you. A lot of it is based around school work, so we’re happy to help with your homework too! We all have busy lives these days, so we believe in helping each other out. If we’ve done the project already, we’re glad to share it!

Of course, like most families, technology is taking over more and more. For the boys that means Xbox and YouTube. You will therefore find their home-made ‘how-to’ videos and gaming reviews here also, as well as on our YouTube channel, along with toy reviews, days out and other family ideas we think you might want to share.

We love travelling, and as well as visiting our place in France we also love to ski when we can, and to explore the rest of the UK. Cal is the photographer, so don’t expect to see much of her as she’s always the other side of the camera. She’s all about making memories and will be recording them for us all to share.

Scenic view near Le Mont Dore, Massif Central, France
Scenic view near Le Mont Dore, Massif Central, France

We’re hoping you enjoy reading about our adventures,

and you’re welcome to add comments or advice to any of our posts. We love interacting with you, it makes us feel like someone is reading!

We are always open to working with companies. Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss a collaboration or review which you think our readers would enjoy. You can see our ‘contact us’ page, or email us directly at We are always open and honest with our blog readers about sponsorship – please see our disclosure policy. 

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