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Nethermined – Ticket Giveaway For This North East Event!

Nethermined is back for its 3rd year, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Win tickets to the 3rd Nethermined at NSU Newcastle 11-12th Feb 2017
3rd Nethermined at NSU Newcastle

***Please note – due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sunday event has been cancelled. Nethermined will now be Saturday 11th February only***

Arriving at the NSU Newcastle on 11th & 12th February 2017, Nethermined is an unofficial Minecraft Convention aimed at 5-16 year olds and their families, and indeed anyone interested in Minecraft and gaming.

There will be workshops, game zones, exhibitions and live shows. You will also find an increased number of special Guests around the venue.  Your favourite gamers and YouTubers will gladly stop and say hello! There will be opportunities for pictures and signings throughout the event, as well as taking part in the live shows and interactive sessions.

Nethermined Convention
Nethermined Convention

A large number of Minecraft educators, innovators and mentors are collaborating to provide the best workshop experiences. Local developer Coatsink will also be bringing their newly launched game Shu to the event. There will also be a large LAN area hosted by Club Minecraft, and a Parental Education area.

Nethermined LAN area hosted by Club Minecraft
Nethermined LAN area hosted by Club Minecraft

This year’s guests have been announced. They include Ibxtoycat, PhoenixGG2, Markoodle, SeaPeeKay, PerpetualJordan, Victoriarghhh, WhiteWolfEm, Dragnoz, AdamYT, LolaLove33, TheOrionSound, SirCutieYuki, Cheridet, TheTurkeyDinosaur, Ivexushd, DangThatsALongName, JackSucksAtLife. Visit the Nethermined web page for more details and links to all of their channels, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

We are so delighted that such an amazing and fun event is taking place here in the North East, and even more delighted to be able to give one lucky Family Makes reader a pair of tickets to the event!

Winners can choose a pair of standard entry tickets to either Saturday’s 11th or Sunday’s 12th February 2017 event. All you need to do to enter is complete one or more of the actions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Each action gains you an extra entry to the draw. Draw closes on Thursday 9th February. Tickets will be sent electronically.

***Please note – due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sunday event has been cancelled. Nethermined will now be Saturday 11th February only***

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are not our lucky winner, you can still buy tickets from the Nethermined website.

Teens, Tweens and Other Hard To Buy For’s – Board Games

Do you have someone to buy gifts for, who is just too hard to please? Or who has absolutely everything already?

There are lots of great gift guides out there at the moment, from high street stores to brilliant bloggers, so I thought I’d do something a little different. Inspired mainly by the fact that my own children, now 8 and 10 years old, are no longer very ‘into’ conventional toys any more, I decided to make some lists of alternative ideas.

So, I’m starting with a conventional but broad idea – board games!

As my boys have moved away from action figures, soft toys, and other bits of random plastic tat, board games have moved into focus (when we can get them off electronic gadgets, of course!). It’s a great way to spend time together as a family, especially when the weather isn’t so good. It can also be very educational, and encourage communication and patience too.

We recently reviewed the Wikipedia Game, and we really had fun playing together as a family. Other conventional quiz type games include:

Good old Trivial Pursuit (with various themed quizzes)Articulate   , Scene It?

Lots of TV Quiz Show games including Would I Lie To You, Pointless,  Tipping Point, The Cube, Family Fortunes

Traditional Board Games, some with modern twists and variations, including: Monopoly – so many variations nowadays, Pictionary, Scrabble, Cluedo, Connect 4.

Kids’ Style board games include:
Ker-plunk, Frustration, Guess Who, Jenga, Operation

More modern, crazy, and ‘whatever next’ board games guaranteed to get a giggle:Pig Goes Pop, Gooey Louie, Doggie Doo, Silly Sausage, Pie Face, Googly Eyes,

and finally, my favourite, Speak Out (and a kids’ variation too)

So, are you feeling inspired yet? There must be something for every ‘hard to buy for’ person here!

Would you add any other favourites?

The post contains some affiliate links to Amazon. Forgive me, but it’s Christmas, times are tight! Also, Amazon has great prices on lots of products, as there are a variety of sellers on there. There are plenty of high street sales on at the moment too.

Board Games - pin for later
Pin this for later!
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Look Inside an Xbox 360

We were really excited to be able to find out what’s inside an Xbox when we got to our house in France. Some of you had requested or suggested this as the next in our series of ‘Look Inside’ items.

Our old Xbox was broken, so we decided to open it up to take a look inside. We did it quite carefully in case we were able to have it repaired later, but it was still lots of fun to do!

Have a look at our video and see what awesome things we found inside our Xbox 360…

“I was about to get a hammer to smash the Xbox up because I was getting so bored and frustrated! But sadly I could not 🙁  . We still enjoyed doing the opening up though. It was really interesting to take a look inside and see what components make up our favourite games console.”

Next time we might be a little bit rougher, and really break something up! What do you think it should be?

Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel to see the next videos we make. As well as breaking things open, we also do Vlogs, mostly about our travels. We also like to share gaming videos.

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

How To Play Happy Wars

“Today, we found a game to show you on our Xbox called Happy Wars. We thought it was enjoyable so we uploaded it (we did it in France).

I thought you guys would enjoy it, I actually enjoyed it too!

It is free to download on the Xbox 360, I’m not sure if you can get it on any other system – please tell us if you manage to.

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment, either here or on YouTube. We’d love it if you could subscribe to our YouTube channel too. We create videos about gaming, and also ‘Look Inside’ videos taking things apart to see what’s in them. We also do vlogs of our holidays.”

By Toby

“We are so sorry for the graphics picture quality, it was because we were in our French house and the TV is a bit old! But we decided to upload it anyway because the video gameplay and information are all good and we thought you might find it helpful.”

By Hugo

We made two videos to get you started, one beginner’s guide showing you how to play Happy Wars, and one showing characters and mounts.

Let us know what you’d like to see next – we’d be happy to help!

Splat!! An Afternoon of Games and Mess…

OK, this isn’t what you expected from a post about ‘Gaming’, but here’s the story:

A dreaded bug had swept through our house, rendering H and Daddy asunder. H spent two days in bed (this is so unlike him, nothing usually keeps him still), and Daddy blacked out in the garden and hit his head off the wall! Oh dear, it was a disastrous week. Now Mummy’s back is so poorly as she’s had to be nurse to the sick, as well as all the usual stuff.

Then Uncle G came to take Toby for the day to give us a break, and his car nearly set on fire on our drive! There was so much smoke we didn’t know what to do! Fun and games indeed.

So, to calm things down a bit and aid our respective recoveries, we decided to have an afternoon of playing games, only the game of choice happened to be ‘Splat!’, a pie in the face game. Well, it raised a laugh, that’s for sure, so I decided to film it to share the fun with you. (Look at the dark circles under Hugo’s eyes – he might sound better but he’s still not fully recovered here, bless him).

This is a cheaper version of the original game, but just as much fun. Maybe I should have done the movie in black and white to add to the old fashioned movie type slapstick feel – what do you think?

It never gets old, does it, the hilarity of a pie in the face? I giggle every time I watch it! Am I just cruel?

Whipped cream splat in the face - it never gets old!
Whipped cream splat in the face – it never gets old!

We then moved on to a more sedate game of good old fashioned Monopoly, but it didn’t last that long. H is very competitive and plays very seriously, but Toby is easily bored and a bit of a sore loser, so before long it got a bit too silly and we had to put it away.

A very serious game of Monopoly
A very serious game of Monopoly

Time for Mummy to give in and let them switch the X-box on….

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Joe Danger by Toby

Today I’m playing Joe Danger.

I first discovered this game when I was flicking through the Xbox menu, and I thought it looked cool. I was dead right!

So, I downloaded it, and here I am playing it now. I think it is the best bike game ever!

There are a few sound issues which we’ll fix, but the game is awesome so I hope you enjoy it anyway. Take a look at our other YouTube games tutorials there too – we love Minecraft and Terraria especially.