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Trying to be Sugar Smart Week 2 – Drinks

As you may have seen last week, we are taking part in a scheme with Kallikids to try and be a more sugar smart family. In week two our challenge was all about drinks.

We were challenged to make the world’s most disgusting drink, and the world’s most delightful (low sugar) drink. The goal was to show kids just how much sugar was in fizzy drinks, and demonstrate that low-sugar alternatives can be great.

So, just how much sugar IS in fizzy drinks? Well, in a 500ml bottle of coke for example, there are cubes 13.5 of sugar, or 54g. That is a huge amount of sugar. Enough to set my teeth on edge!!

How much sugar is in fizzy drinks?
How much sugar is in fizzy drinks?

I must admit, the drinks part isn’t too much of a challenge for us, as we’ve never allowed our children to have fizzy drinks, and consequently they haven’t really developed a taste for them. They are actually quite repulsed by most fizzy drinks, and will only try them when at a friend’s birthday party or occasion to be polite, but then come home really thirsty and want to drink juice or squash.

Iced water is so refreshing, but will the kids drink it?
Iced water is so refreshing, but will the kids drink it?

I’m not being too smug and self-righteous though. My kids still hate to drink water! Toby isn’t too bad, but Hugo flatly refuses. When very small, we used to give them fresh apple juice very diluted with water, and as they’ve grown older we also give them sugar-free squash. If we’re out we allow them to have fruit shoots or similar, or again they enjoy apple juice or squash when we’re out. They also enjoy milk and milkshakes, but they have learned at school about the amount of sugar in shop-bought milkshake, and were so disgusted that they often shy away from them.

Delicious smoothies, juices and milkshakes
Delicious smoothies, juices and milkshakes

They really enjoyed making smoothies as part of our experiments though, and it was their immediate choice when I asked them what healthy drink we should make. I’m really guilty of not making smoothies enough, as they are a brilliant healthy choice for kids. They also like making them into ice lollies too. It’s partly because my old blender broke, so I only have a food processor, and it’s quite messy to wash up afterwards. So if anyone feels like donating me a great blender/Nutri-bullet type machine, feel free! Just think of how healthy you’ll be making my family!!

Fabulous and healthy smoothies
Fabulous and healthy smoothies

The obvious choice for their disgusting drink had to involve vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Explosions and fizzes go down a storm here! So we added the coke and mints experiment for good measure too. Shame the kids thought that one actually tasted nice! We also added the 13.5 cubes of sugar found in coke to our vinegar potion, to see if it improved any. Of course it did not! Toby’s face was a picture – take a look!

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Sugar Smart drinks advice and experiments for kids. Reduce sugar in drinks for your children and help them to make healthy choices.
Sugar Smart Drinks – please pin for later

Can We Be Sugar Smart? Our First Week Of The Project

We have been chosen as one of eight families taking part in a Sugar Smart challenge with Kallikids. We have no idea what we are in for!!

Sugar Smart is a project associated with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Sustain – the alliance for better food and farming, to raise awareness of the amount of sugar in our foods and the adverse effects it can have on our bodies.

You may have heard of the Sugar Smart app, which has been created as part of the NHS Change for Life programme. Our children have brought home information from school about this, and are quite aware of sugar and the fact that too much of it is not good for you.

So, Kallikids have teamed up with Sugarsmart to help raise awareness, and they are starting right here with us!!

In the first week of our challenge, we were simply looking at our current habits and analysing the amount of sugar we consume in a normal week. We had to put crosses on our individual charts for natural sugars (fruit & fruit drinks, and honey), sweet things with sugar, and savoury things with sugar listed. The thing which surprised us most was how much sugar there was in savoury foods, such as pizza and bread! What is sugar doing in our pizza, I ask you??

Luckily, we do eat quite a lot of home cooked foods, so we can avoid a lot of added sugar there, but we are a busy family, like most families, so often turn to convenience and processed foods to help us out. It’s really shocking what is in some of these foods!

During week one of our challenge, a great big hamper of sugar free foods arrived to help us with our challenge. This is us opening our treats!

The kids were keen to dive right in, and as we were having chicken curry, they wanted to us the chickpea pop pops as popadoms! They then designed a new dish which looked a little like a blini, piling the chicken and rice onto the little crisp. They found it so delicious, and ate the whole lot! We even made it our Sunday Photo this week!

Sugar smart week 1 - tucking in to chickpea pop pops
Tucking in to curry with Little Dish Chickpea Pop Pops

And how was our sugar count? Not too bad to be honest! The worst things are our breakfasts (tea and biscuits for grown ups, and cereals with sugar in for kids), plus some of the snacks the kids have. They are not as bad as they could be though, mostly cereal bars and brioche, but still containing some sugar. We also noted that none of us are eating enough fruit really. Could do better…

Our Sugar Smart record chart from week 1 of the challenge
Our Sugar Smart record chart

So, keep reading each week of the twelve week challenge to see what we discover about sugar and how we manage to change things as a family!